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Cblogs of 2/28/18 and 3/14/18 + Delayed But Not Forgotten


One of the best games of this console generation in my opinion has easily been The Witcher 3.  I was never a huge fan of the first two games, they were ok.  The third however...hot damn, that is one of the finest games I can remember playing from recent memory.  A few weeks back, I realized in all of the craziness that is life I never had the chance to play through what by all accounts is great DLC from what I've heard.

For the past two weeks I've been looking to remedy that.  What has happened on this journey to rectification though has had some unintended consequences.  I am now fully back into the atmosphere, setting, and story of the whole game.  I originally just wanted to play the DLC and check it off my list.  However, getting back into The Witcher 3 and it's awesome world, I've now started a new character to go through the whole game once again.

Whoa Nelly do I love this game.  In a day and age where open worlds are overdone, CD Project Red knows how to craft an open world.  Other development teams could take notes.  I just feel myself getting lost in this world.  Also the writing is just on point.  From small side quests to the overarching main plot, the writing is outstanding.  And the decisions that need to be made with the consequences involved are just...wow.

I know I'm not telling anyone anything new about how great this game is, but I find the fact I don't get bored with an open world and my desire to dive back into the world a credit to the game.  I know what's going to happen, but I want to see it through again.  That's the mark of a great game.  Something so enticing that even though I know what happens, I'm pushing through it again.  I can't wait to see what the DLC has to offer. 

Time to recap some blogs!

* - Puns, lewdness, hilarity, all of the above ensue with this week's rendition of Comments of the Week. It amazes me how funny but yet respectful this community is. COTW always helps this guy get through the day. This week's COTW is brought to you by FakePlasticTree, a jolly sort this tree is

* - Oh how I love Riobux and his yellow news. I really quite enjoyed this one as his blog comically looks at the fake news of Bloodborne being renamed Elder Scrolls 6 after being bought out. A must read in my humble opinion

* - I was a Super Nintendo guy all the way through. Recently thanks to Lord Spencer I've realized what I missed out of with the Genesis. There was some good stuff and boy howdy this was the true beginning to the console ear in my opinion. Lord takes a look back at this console ear and some of the big important aspects of this said war. A must read and some really good stuff

M - The February heel turn monthly musing was some fun stuff. One of my favorites was this last of the month blog by TheLimoMaker about Spec Ops: The Line and ahole extraordinaire Captain Walker.

P - Another week, another podcast from our friends Gamemaniac3434 and TheLimoMaker. This one looks at The Stanley Parable which was good fun. I still say give these two a sitcom and I'll watch it

P - Two Gamemaniac3434 and TheLimoMaker podcasts in one recap? That's what happens when I slack off. This one a special guest appearance by Dinosir as the guys discuss a wonderful game that you may have heard of, Dead Space. Love that game. Although it is not art GM

Triss all the way

C - JBlaze has entered the Cblogs area and things will never be the same. A nice intro and I look forward to seeing more of JBlaze

D - I respect anyone in the game development business. I can't even begin to imagine how difficult that field is. Osc takes a look at his game development journey so far and gives us some of the ups and the downs that have been involved

T - Virtua Kizama gives us some great information with this blog. Anyone looking at doing some let's plays or even looking to view a let's play, I advise you to read through this awesome fountain of useful information that Kizama has given to us. It's some really heady stuff

T - I hate install and loading screens. Nothing annoys me more than wanting to sit down and play a game and being stuck watching the slowly creeping install bar. FakePlasticTree takes a look at these loading screens especially talks about the Yakuza screens. I agree, these are probably the best out of all loading screens

T - Monster Hunter: World has taken this planet by storm. It seems everyone is playing it. With additional content and more monsters upcoming Marcel Hoang asks the community, which monster do you all want to see next?

L - Calebjross takes us on a little journey where he talks about Earthbound, the book. Calebjross has lots of good to say about the book, so if you're a big Earthbound fan, maybe you should give the book a go

R - I feel your pain JBlaze. I too have little to no good luck in my life

Just remember, he who stands on toilet, is high on pot--Dere


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