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TERA Online in Console?!


Hello everyone! 

Last March 09, 2018  TERA Online launched it's Open Beta for Console (PS4 and Xbox One). The server is open for all during the Open Beta period  which is until March 11,2018. A lot of people tested the console version of TERA Online and it have a feature that is for console like in-game voice chat and game streaming/broadcast. I also tried the game on PS4 North America server during the first day of the Open Beta, unfortunately I am unable to get a screenshot of the game because most of the time I get disconnected or the game crash but eventually got to play the game for a few hours. The game still have the same vibes as the PC version of TERA and I took a a few hours to get the hang the controls in game. 

Tera Console Website

I get the chance to try the low level dungeons and I got to say that it have a fast queue. The questing are still the same as the PC version, it have different UI for the item inventory, equipment and skills. The gameplay is kind of  hard at first because of the control adjustments but if you get the hang of it, it will be easy. The chatting system will take you some time before you can send a message because a keyboard will pop up and you will input letter by letter  but it was okay. I haven't tried the trading system in game and the Market/Trade Broker in game. As for the experience as a whole it was fun, challenging(Because of the Controls) , there are events in game, a lot of people playing and a total different experience of playing an MMO on a Console. Since it was a free to play game I am hoping that a lot of people will try and play it too. I played TERA Online in PC for a long time and I know that the patch in the console is way way back from the current patch in the PC version. For me the TERA Online Console have a potential in community and in the gamers world wide, they hyped it last year and now they released it. The game still have a long way to go and there are still updates for the PC version that will also come into the console version. I hope that this game will be successful and grow. I will surely play this game once it is officially launched! 

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