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High Demand at EGLX: US' Visitors Want Canadian Citizenship


Toronto recently had their biggest gaming event with EGLX, celebrated from March 9th to 11th. After many visitors started to leave their homes, a new demand appeared from nowhere: several wanted to stay in the country.

This has proved to be a challenge for the Enthusiast Gaming staff, as the number of employees living in the country is limited and high prices have been offered for them.

Destructoid founder, Yanier Gonzalez, will be taking offers on behalf of the mentioned website's staff. When asked, he replied:

"As someone who has the experience of living in different countries, I feel the current demand from our visitors to move from their homeland. Canada is a wonderful place to live and they have been able to experience it personally. Plus, it is money. MONEY!"

Lyle Rath, know for the "Pregame Discharge" video series, has been off the top bidders to live in United States's top neighbor.

"I have been saving money for a chance like this. When I started to promote about living in boxes on my show at Destructoid, I got several offers from companies interested to promote their products. We even featured an ad in one of the thumbnails, which lead to millions of dollars in sales.

I would like to thanks to all my fans who made this possible, and I hope we can continue fighting about those other fucking boxes."

It is only a matter of time to find out the lucky people who got their wallet ready for a new life.

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