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Time Travel in Star-Wars?!


Hello Everyone! 

Recently Star-Wars Rebels aired the episode: World between Worlds when Ezra entered a dimension where you can control space and time, and alter any timeline. Basically it's like Barry Allen's version of Speedforce! Aha!  When Ezra rescued Ahsoka from the killing blow of Darth Vader, he changed the Fate of Ahsoka and made her survive! Ahsoka Lives!

Now there are some Youtube Channel discussing about it and got me interested if they will make time travel in the big screen. We all know that some of the people don't like the Last Jedi because of some reasons, but what if this time travel concept will make it right? Will the time Travel concept fit Star-Wars as a whole? What will they change in the original timeline? What do you guys think about it? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? We can discuss it in the comments!  Here are some of the opinions in Youtube 

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