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An Instinct Mastered, a Spirit of Vengeance and some Digital Rabbits last Week


What a weekend that was, lots of things happened and here are a few of the notable things :)


We witnessed by far, the highest form Goku has ever attained, and things are hotter than ever. Now that the series is reaching it's climax (last 2 remaining episodes) Goku has mastered his Ultra Instint form (is it already considered a form?) and what perfect timing it is. It was fulfilling to see Goku easily flicking an energy ball from Jiren, and turning the tables around against an OP character.  I can't wait to witness the next episodes, where we see a shirtless Jiren gets his behind kicked around the place (sadly we have to wait for another week to see it, since there won't be any episode this coming Sunday) 


My office figures (composed of Godzilla figures and a Randy Savage pop) has reason to celebrate, as I was able to spot this rare Ghost Rider Legoish figure (complete with a hellcycle) at a bargain bin on a toyshop for only USD 1.25. He will be included and will be riding his cycle on top of my CPU at work, and give penance stares to anyone who disrupts me :D 


Lastly the Crypto Pet game that I mentioned a blog ago is finally open. Yep, Bitpet (https://bitpet.co/) is finally open and is in service. I am still hoping that I do get a chance to have a rabbit pet (yep, Bitpets are different kind of rabbits) soon that I can breed, play games with, fuse (just like Dragonball) and sell for Bitcoins or Ethereum (if I don't get attached to it first). I was still sad that I didn't win anything on the raffle last week, but I am hoping to get one soon enough.

Hope everyone's weekend was good, and wishing everyone an even better week ahead :D     

- Feel the Blaze ^_^

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