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JBlaze invades Blogging .. and I am scared


This is the first time for me to ever have a blog (I know, it's been a long time coming).. but let me give a little backgrounder of myself.



I am a familiar figure in Philippine Gaming and Esports (been in the Gaming Industry professionally for 20 years), and still very much into it, as I am also skilled in other facets in business (Community Management, Product Management, Live Event Management, and also dabbles a little on Digital Marketing); skills which I have acquired during my tenure working for top Industry companies.  I am self-motivated, and this also has the tendency of rubbing off to others, motivating them to be at their utmost best.....hold on, why is this sounding like a resume (curriculum Vitae to some ^_^ ).. will keep it fun and not boring (zzzzz)

I love making small funny videos for work (will post some of them here), and a passionate gamer (Passionate is different from being good, ok?)   


I am a fun loving husband, and a father of 2 adorable kids, interests in anything geeky (Godzilla, Internet, Wrestling, Robots, Anime, Movies, Comics and Games) keeps me young at heart ^_^

It's nice to be here... (I apologize for the format, still learning the ropes)... please be nice :D

- Feel the Blaze ^_^

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