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Impressions: Darling in the Franxx


Torchman cried tears of joy

Yes Torch, I know you are proud of me. For you see, I have finally found a mech anime that I could actually get into, and dare I say, enjoy. Have you even heard of Darling In The Franxx? If not, you would be wise to check it out...right now. 

This is certainly an oddity for me, writing an impressions blog on a potential anime series. "JuIc3, you haven't even been around much lately! How are you? How is the baby? Is Malika a dinosaur?" See, none of these questions matter at all. For you see, between putting in well over 100 hours of Monster Hunter World, I have found the greatness that is Darling In The Franxx, and guys, it's glorious. 

If you aren't a mech fan, I STILL feel you will find a way to enjoy this show. It's a combination of romance, mech battles, team chemistry, and sacrifice. A sci-fi world that will remind you of the awesome movie, Pacific Rim, this show has caught me off guard, and hooked me. The only downside, is it's still currently airing, and I can't binge watch it through the ending. 

The story starts with a team of young humans training to become mech pilots that can fight off evil alien/robot enemies and save mankind. The catch, is that in order to pilot their 'Franxx', or feminine robot badasses, they have to have a strong male/female chemistry or bond. It's a unique driving point, but it makes for interesting scenarios, drama, and of course strong character building. Sure, there's inuendos out the ying yang, but these kids have NO concept of actual love, or sex. 

Of course, there is a unique female character (pictured above) named 002. 002 is a rogue, a standout variant who isn't quite human, but isn't quite alien. Her past 'partners' in the past have all tried, failed, and died trying to pilot a mech with her...that is, until Hiro comes along. 002 and 016 (Hiro) are the perfect pair, and together they work to pilot the strongest mech of all, Strelitzia. The path leading up to this point, is nothing but a challenge. 

I know this is a fairly short blog, but I'd highly encourage you guys to check this anime out. Currently, you can watch up to episode 6 on the website 9anime.is. The next episode should be airing within the next day or so, and I haven't been this excited to watch it since my teenage days of following Dragonball Z on Toonami!

Oh, did I mention the OP is just amazing?

Do yourselves a favor and check this out. If you don't like it, hey, that's fine, you can PM or comment about how crazy I am. This is the first big impression anime I've seen of 2018 however, and I'm enjoying it tremendously. Be sure to share any thoughts or reflections in the comments section below, and as always, thanks for following my write-ups! Catch you on the flip side, kids!

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