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TF2 Jungle Inferno was a great update.


Since the “Meat your Match” Update that The Pyro won in the Future Update of “Jungle Inferno” with new cosmetics, weapons and taunts. I prefer TF2 over Overwatch anytime. Well in condolence to his lost Heavy has a new Snack that’s healthy for that fat Soviet. Now I’ve given Pyro a complete makeover with the Cosmetics and his new weapons and made him into MGS 3 Cobra member The Fury with Cosmetics from the Invasion Updatde that I wish I could have played much sooner. I’m trying to collect all TF2 Weaponry and try to figure out the best loadouts of Weapons for each Character without any drawbacks what’s so ever. I’ve figured out a great strategy for defending In capturing the Intel as Engieneer Best to have a Wrangler control to your sentry so it doesn’t give itself away by noise so Spy’s won’t attack with a sapper until you’ve got the enemy right where you want him. And coming back as demo’s or Soldiers best to swap the Wrangler a short circuit arm with you. But you know what makes me mad this automated team picker who cannot find players fast enough. And it’s making a new way to cyber bullying people into rage quiting. The weapons I need is the Memory Maker, Robo-Sandvich, Golden Wrench, Frying Pan, Golden Frying Pan, Black Rose,The Sharp-dresser, Breadbite, Mutated Milk, Snack Attack, Appco Fists, The Big Kill, Fishcake, Batsaber, and A Saxxy but I need SFM lessons and buy everything with it and wait for the Saxxy Awards.

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