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Cblog Recaps of February 3+10+17+24, 2018. Going to Distant Stations


Ever since starting my winter hours at work this has sorta turned into a monthly recap hasn't it? Hope you're all ok with that, if not you cankiss my grits, or my polenta if you so choose.

A while back I did my -gasm as a sorta podcast review thing, I've kinda slowed in my podcasting because I got a little obsessed with Joe Rogan and he doesn't do short podcasts at all, that was until I saw that my favorite musician was going to do an interview podcast breaking down one of my favorite albums of his. So here's my little review about the podcast "I only listen to the Mountain Goats"

It's great, even if you don't like or have ever heard of John Darnielle it's got a nice insight into the act of creating music and art as a whole. Also if you listen to the current episode you can hear the moment where two of my music idols talked to each other about long distance driving through the barren West Texas landscape where even radio waves don't reach you. So basically you can hear the moment where life had meaning in it for a few brief moments and then as quickly as it came it was washed away. Do I expect any of you to listen? Porbably not but that's ok. I've been secretly conditioning you to be a Mountain Goats fan by using the "Going to" motif for almost a year now.

Bwah ha ha ha hah.

* - Dwavenhobble wraps up their year of gaming with their own take on end of year awards. It's not your usual awards but I like their unique twist on the convention. It should be no surprise which is their GOTY though, if you say anything other than Slayaway Camp then you need to open your eyes more.

* - Sonic429 takes us through the thought process they went through in taking the name Sonic429. I tend to love these blogs because there is always a bit of significance to what every one calls themselves online and it's a good peek into what makes that person tick. Also there's a ton of sonic memes in here and those are gold in internet terms.

* - Flegma continues to tickle my curiosity bone with a look at a classic game full of puzzle mini-games that I've never heard about and am now fully into. Flegma also continues to be one of the best bloggers we have here who doesn't get enough love in my opinion, so go read his blog you jerks very fine people.

* - Long time reader, first time blogger Neoturbo has a great read about the objective best weapon in all of gaming, the shotgun. This is the start of a new series where Turbo will go through the different weapons in games but outside of sniper rifles I don't see how this can get any better. Unless they do an entire article based on using your words as weapons.

P - Why are podcasts listed under Wordtoid? Why? I demand an answer to this! While I wait for an answer why not listen to the PsToid episode with special guest Luckrequired.

A - With the recent release of Monster Hunter World, Goemar goes through the best etiquette for when it comes to online play. These are always nice for new players because there is usually a lot to take in when you first join and to get some tips is priceless.

A - ViceProphet presents their thoughts about game developers relying too much on patches to support their games in this well thought out but somewhat distracted blog. I still don't know where I land on this issue as I appreciate the ability for games to be fixed post-release but also had to download two years worth of updates for Halo 5 upon playing it for the first time a few weeks ago.

A - I read the first paragraph of this blog about why Deediddle doesn't like my favorite game of all time and then I stopped because nothing is allowed to slander my Shadow of the Colossus. I have been seeing a lot of people who are playing it for the first time wondering why people who played it years ago liked it and it makes me think the game was of a time. Were we more accepting of jank at that time, or was it that Shadow of the Colossus was so new in its storytelling that we accept its flaws because it was so novel, now that there are multiple styles of storytelling in gaming are we allowed to scrutinize a bit more? Is there meaning to life?

D - In an oddly short dev blog update for their new arcade game, Donley Time briefly went over the new updates to each of the mini-games in their newest venture Zazmo Arcade.

R - JoshCo0620 goes through their spring run of games. It's an extensive look back on some of the games that they played some current, some older. This is basically a compendium of reviews and one of the longer blogs I've ever read. So make this your coffee blog on this late February morning.

R - Lord Spencer continues their review of Sega Genesis games with a review of Sonic 3. More of a formality at this point since Sonic 2 and 3 are some of the best character platformers in gaming history.

D - Donley Time updates the progress on Zazmo Arcade with trailers, gameplay tweaks and map reveals.

D - Zazmo Arcade has gone into Early Access on Steam! Find out more about how much it will cost and some other changes made to Zazmo in this weeks update from Donley Time.

D - Donley Time's blogger takes a crack at trying to program in GameMakerStudio all for your enjoyment. As someone who briefly dabbled in GameMaker while my best friend excelled at it almost naturally, it's fun to see others work at it.

F - Juice reviews the latest Netflix anime Devilman Crybaby to middling response. While I haven't watched it yet, I keep getting told that I would enjoy it because I am of unsound mind and this review helps with that suggestion.

F - Nah fam, if you wanna post a video with a sentence or two keep it to the QPs.

The sun is out for the first time in a week, this is amazing. I'm leaving to not go out in the sun. Have a good week/month/eternity/whatever unit of time.


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