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EA is the new Pac-man. Yum, yum, eat 'em up.


This story relates to EA buying BioWare/Pandemic.

Electronic Arts is probably my idea of the anti-Christ of the video game world. See, the anti-Christ is going to be a guy that everyone likes, but is ultimately a bad deal for the whole human race. With the whole "you'll go to hell for following me", it's the same marketing that EA likes to use for their games. Now, EA has put out some amazing games. C&C3, some of the Medal of Honors, SimCity 4, Madden NFL 1995 for the SNES/Genesis. I remember a time I really enjoyed opening a game from Electronic Arts. Remember that old PC game Syndicate Inc.? Well, wait. That was Bullfrog. But don't worry. Bullfrog... oh. Right. They ran Bullfrog into the ground. Well, none the less, there was also some of my other favorite games that EA helped pump out. Such as Dune or the Legend of Kyrandia. Yeah... oh, wait. Westwood actually made those, then EA bought them, and yeah... NoX was pretty much their last game back in 2000. Hmm. Well, surely a big corporation is good for the industry. I mean, it's not like they're buying up all the games and making us choose EA for gaming.

Ok, folks. Seriously, EA is just bad news for gaming. With them buying BioWare, there's no telling what crap we're going to be getting. I guarantee you this: Mass Effect will have microtransitions out the butt. You'll buy a $60 game and get a 10% completed copy of what they wanted to put out. EA is just a greedy a-hole in our industry. I don't understand the love for major corporations. If piracy weren't illegal, EA would NEVER see my money. I'd boycott them, but uh, they sorta are helping Flagship pull Hellgate: London into the market. Maybe after that. I don't think I'll be getting any of the new Battlefields. Battlefield 3 (aka BF2 with fancy graphics) did it for me on that series. Long live BF2!

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