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Thoughts on Secret of Mana remake (PS4)

Things I enjoy about the game so far: No limit of 4 of each item. Thank god. Can now collect up to 12 of the same item. Music can be switched between classic and rearranged. Running doesn't completely reset your charge bar. Charging your attack makes the noise once then never again. No constant buzzing. The art style (despite the protests) stays true to the original artwork. Shame it doesn't show the armor you equipped. Hot keys for items (not far enough to see if spells work that way too). Hitting more than one enemy at a time does reduced damage to the second enemy hit. Armor now shows what it protects against and magic defense instead of just defense. New translation is MUCH better than the previous one. ------------------------------------------- Things that are a bit iffy: Voices. They can be English or Japanese. Option to turn down/off voices is welcome, especially as the music doesn't soften when someone is talking. The life bars are neat, but they would have been more useful if they showed current/max hp instead. Cannon travel no longer shows you flying through the air on the world map. Disappointing, but whatever. Do wish there was an option for classic graphics like there is for the music. A small hint showing up or down arrows on the menu rings would have been nice to reminds you there's more rings. I forgot there were more rings and was confused how to get to the candy in case I need to heal. It starts off showing the system menu ring. On the subject of menus, I wish there was an option to pick which way the ring rotates. --------------------------------------------- Things that aren't good, some can be fixed probably: Can't use the Dpad to control your character. Can't edit the controls beyond the face buttons. You can't tell if an item is better or worse than your current item in a store. Menus have a pause after you exit them. Seems a bit too long. Enemy guide doesn't show stats or describe the enemies. Would have been nice to have some flavor text for enemies. I hate that they changed the translation for critical hits.
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