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I can has Birthday well-wishes from Destructoid?


This eleventh of October marks my twenty-first birthday, thereby allowing me to [legally] partake in gambling and alcohol consumption. They arenít activities Iím been particularly looking forward too but maybe thatís just because Iíve never tried emí before.

So, how am I celebrating you might ask? Surely I must have some super-cool plans, right? Unfortunately thanks to all my classes having both midterms I need to study for and lame projects I need to complete there hasnít been a great deal of celebration going on. Though I did find some time to try out Portal, which is a really fun puzzle game, and send in a few tips. ďBut wait!Ē, you might interject, surely my working all day means my evening will be free for more of the fun stuff? It would if my BD didnít happen to land on a Thursday this year due to my three-and-a-half-hour Anthropology class (it was only offered in the evening). Guess Iíll just have to hold out until the weekend to get my partying done.

Still, itís not all gloomy, I did get more videogame related gifts than I have in quite a while: Resistance Fall of Man, Ninja Gaiden Sigma (my PS3 wonít have to feel so lonely now), Dead Rising and Metroid Prime 3 Corruption.

Also, tasty ice cream cake (not pictured above).
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