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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition


A game without DLC is like a woman without a pair of breasts, It was supposed to be attached but for some reason, it's not.


Folks Let me take you back in time, A time if you googled 'Kevin Spacey and 14-year-kid' google would show you the results of the movie 'American Beauty', A time, the phrase DLC was synonymous to the horse armor in The Elder Scroll IV. Back in those times, AAA industry believed that gamers would benefit more, If they had the choice to cherrypick the parts of the full expansion packs rather than to buy the thing as a whole, In order to get one thing that they liked the most.They used to be like that.

But after smoking too much white dust on some model's butt, wasting money on making movies based on shitty video games because one guy on Reddit said, ' Wouldn't that be hilarious?', Then they started to realize that, If they wanted to keep on doing, what they do (best?), there are certain changes to their humanity that had to be made. Which is by cutting off the main game and selling that half-ass piece to the gamers at the full price. I love this trickle-down video games thing.

Just imagine, What if they had the found this concept back in the ps-2 era?We would've gotten such games like:

Resident Evil 4 (Jack shit) - 60$

Resident Evil 4 Deluxe Edition (Features Leon's new suit, PRL-412) - 120$

Resident Evil 4 Infected Edition (Deluxe Edition+ Chicago Typewriter) - 150$

Resident Evil 4 Ultimate Edition (everything with new update to fix the 'Our Bitch'bug) - Swallow white


Street fighter 5 arcade edition contains all of 12 DLC characters, a new mode (V-trigger moves), new content and a sheeny UI overhaul to fill the gap that was made by them in the first place.If you are already bought the game, when it came out, then you can download the free update that contains everything that I mentioned above and for the people who couldn't be bothered by the franchise or saw the reviews first before buying, First of all, good for you for not getting fucked! Arcade edition is made for you.

Arcade Edition brings the most-requested features to the table, which is the Arcade Mode (Duh! ), While it doesn't change the gameplay mechanics significantly from the original but it adds a nostalgic touch to it.It can make some people go 'I can still remember the time when they came out',

There are six different paths to choose from street fighter 1 to 5, each path features its own simplified storyline.(From 1987 - Today).The character animation stays the same with some appropriate fixes has been made to make them look not so ridiculous but not enough to sabotage the original.They even added the remix version of the classic songs, added a tougher secret boss fight as well.

The new exciting additions to the street fighter 5 are V-triggers.It becomes usable when your character takes significant damage, that explains why they went for the word 'Triggers'.It acts as devil triggers from DMC, It allows each character to have their own set of powerful abilities and fancy way of executing it, that does double damage upon hit.

R. Mika’s V-Trigger allows her tag-team partner.

For the people who play these games for more than having fun, There's a new training mode, which allows the players to view the data of each move, to see certain advantages and disadvantages after performing the attack.The perfect way to beatdown your young brother or big brother depend on who has the fucked up controller.

All of this begs a question - Why didn't they add all that in the 2016 main version? instead of releasing piece by piece like some kidnapper, when things didn't go their way. 

The answer is in your wallet!


That's it! I enjoyed d hell out of this game, I think you will too.Maybe the next time, When they release a new street fighter game, they'll add the number 6 on the title after 2 years of relesing piece by piece.




















- How high you gotta be to jump so high to make people go that guy is so high

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