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Gametap's newest addition is Ridiculously Awesome

As mentioned in Jaredr's comments, one of the greatest and goofiest game of all time (for me at least) was released on Gametap today.

The game I'm referring to, ladies and gentlemen, is:
The Typing of the Dead

For those who are not terribly familiar with the game it is a brilliant mash-up of an 'On Rail Shooter' with typing (as the name suggests). You type out random words and phrases to damage the unending horde of the undead using some sort of attack keyboard. Having a Dreamcast strapped to the protagonist's back? That's just icing on the cake.

Increasing your typing speed is an invaluable skill where you can put this on your resume:

* 150 words per minute/ 30 zombies per segment

The game play doesn't really change and the story isn't really deep, but at the very least- it's leaps and bounds better then the 'House of the Dead' movie.
Simply stated, if you have Gametap-


(For much MUCH better Gametap reviews, please check out BahamutZero's posts)
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