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SPOILERS: Last Four Mario Galaxy Power-Ups IN A HOUSE. UPDATE: New, cleaner video added.

It's almost as if god above felt my pain my heart felt with the news Sonic the Hedgehog invaiding Smash Bros. To lessen the pain, he has blessed me (and all of us) with this new blurry video showing the remaining Mario Galaxy Power Ups.

Having Sonic show up in Smash Bros is like having a fat granny suddenly show up in your orgy with 22 hot college girls. It's possible to ignore, but thine boner shall suffer some softness, that much is for certain.

On to the video.

Second longer video, same content as the above video happens near the middle, better picture.

I for one am totally impressed. As a whole, Galaxy's power ups seem even better than Mario 3's, in that they all seem to have even more distinct uses.

Your thoughts, D-Toid?
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