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Dragon Ball Fighter Z - THE BEST ONE YET!?!!


Excitement Level over 8000!

       Someone finally has made a wish to Shenron for a great dragon ball z game

A brand new Dragon Ball Z game is here!Based on the anime known as Dragon Ball Z(duh!) aka.Two guys having their best orgasm face & voice, They scream at each other loudly as they possibly can to see who's having more 'pleasurable outcome' than the other, If you don't believe me check it out on YT with your own eyes!

That's right new dragon ball z game is here Before you start to roll your eyes around thinking that's it's gonna be another Xenoverse horsedocuhe to shove into fanboys mouths, so they can stop bitching about how dragon ball super is not as good as Z. No, It's a complete reboot of the original Dragon Ball game, so fans here could once and for all stop bitching about how dragon ball super is not as good as Z.

One looks like that he is from South Korea other one is from North Korea

The first time ever, you're wrong about a DBZ game unless you've been following the series.I know It's hard for any of us to comprehend all the information that they have made dragon ball z game great again like it once was in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 but now they made it much better than BT3!


In the past, Dragon ball games were heavily depended on their own unique mechanics of gameplay, It was easier to understand for the people who have played the old games but the game mechanics were little confusing for the newcomers to interpret.The old DB games were only meant for the fans, the same way Naruto Shippuden games roll in the industry but this game not only managed to shook the blended barrier but also broke out of there into a fresh video game mechanics.That needed to happen a long time ago.



The 2d fighter arcade-style battle system is as old as the dragon ball anime, but hey (if it works then, it works!

Dragon Ball Fighter Z

How did they make dragon ball game compatible to not only to gamers but also for the fanboys too?

Easy! They made the game simple and easier for the new players to learn and get around to.So simple that there are just four attack buttons: Light (Fast), medium (Average), Heavy (Strong) and one button specially dedicated to special attacks (Power).It's fast & fluid & furious & FUN!

You don't have to use 9 of your fingers randomly to find out the combination to shoot a basic projectile at an enemy.

The three-on-three battle system really works, You can call on the other characters, If you want some assists or release a super-team-attack or heal your character in the background just like in BT3 or in Ninja Storms games.It has an automatic mode like in Devil May Cry 4 for the casual players to play the game without practicing for 5 hours buuuuuuut If you want to play it online you have to put at least 30 hours into the game to reduce the chances of getting your ass handed to you by an 8-year-old Korean kid in a gaming parlour.


This game is a visual Masterpiece, Though it may not have the hand-drawn animation cutscenes that you were probably expecting in DBZ game, The in-game cutscenes look as good as the animations, might I say even BETTER!




There are 24 characters to choose from. I know you there thinking but the old DB games had more than 50 characters and I want to you to know, that you're right! The old DBZ games had more than 50 characters including the one where Yamcha having sex with that cat (Puar), the one where master Roshi motorboating Bulma's chest and how can I forget about the one where Krillin jerking-off to Android 18's picture.Conclusion: It was a good riddance!


Unlike all the other games on the market, In this game- if you want to unlock a character you have to play the actual game!


You can get by the In-game currency or be going into the hard mode. So you can make fun of the guy who pre-ordered the game to get 2 new characters at the beginning*Loser*.Get a pair of balls and earn those character instead of buying games, that haven't even made yet (aka pre-order)!


This concept has been sailed away in modern-day AAA game industry along with the ideas of releasing the full game instead of making DLCs after DLCs like some kidnappers who didn't get their wishes fulfilled.


The interaction between characters is really worth watching. The fanservice here in this game is really fan-tastic. When I say fanservice, I didn't mean that you are gonna get a peek at Bulma's underwear like they would have done that in an Anime.No, Instead of that, you're gonna get to listen to some interesting conversation between the characters from the different sagas.Such as (One of my fav): At one point Gotenks teaches Nappa on How to become super Saiyan? One of the things that you never thought you would hear or see for the matter.Seeking out these moments was by far the best part of the story mode.


If you are Dragon ball fan or you're into arcade fighting games, This one is a catch! You'll have a great time and fun playing it until then see you later ...IN THE NEXT EPISODE OF DRAGON BALL Z.

- How high you gotta be to jump so high to make people go that guy is so high

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