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CBlog Recaps of 01/30/18 - First Storm


Why are things "all the rage" when we never utilize "rage" as "object of rabid enthusiasm" in any other context? Are we so handcuffed to English conventions that we cannot break free of our shackles, never to return again to those phrases which mean nothing beyond their recurrence?

Shoot, son, I don't make the rules: I just nitpick 'em.

Anyway, it's an odd time and place to be sure when something takes off like brushfire while we witness it from outside the fiesta. This happens all the time with TV and music, I'd wager, considering their near-endless breadth of output these days. It can even happen with food or political crazes. When it happens with games, I merely happen to notice it more readily. Part of being a gamer to the core, ya know.

 (if only the newest Zelda had released during Year of Luigi)

Breath of the Wild. Persona 5. Super Mario Odyssey. Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Monster Hunter World. Dragon Ball Fighter Z. Anybody frequenting this site's Quickposts and even frontpage in the past 12 months would doubtlessly have noticed a steady stream of adoration and content relating to those massive crazes. Big-time events hit the gaming scene more often these days, what with big-time (and small-time!) studios pumping out major hits at an increased clip. Some of us lapped up all of 'em; others only took to a section. On understated occasion, there were those of us who didn't partake at all. Depending on one's platforms, preferences, and personal finances, we can splurge, cherry-pick, or abstain altogether.

So how do you feel when you either opt out due to disinterest or miss out due to tightened pursestrings or busy lives? Me, formerly, I'd feel a little bummed - nothing life-crushing but certainly something resembling a shade of glum. Especially in the cases of games I greatly desired, I felt I wouldn't be able to keep up with the Day 1 crowd. That first storm unloads the largest wave of hype. Nowadays, I don't really feel that any longer - whether that's due to shifting perspective or understanding the inability to play everything. I'll play the Day 1 titles I can nab without delay; I'll play the Day 360 titles long after the crowd subsides; I'll play Day Unknown titles regardless of their social expiration date. I still like the ability to keep up with pals on points of interest, but in general, when I organize to prioritize life, I don't make as much of the launch train. It'll choo-choo on without me just fine.

I'm all for hearing your responses, down in the comment section below! January's ending, and with it, the year settles into its routine. Thank goodness February's so brief. I could go for some springtime - and the first storm of spring - any day now.

 Gotta hand it to 'em: between Monster Hunter and Mega Man 11, ol' Cappy might regain some goodwill after all! That'd be a good thing, IMO.

S - Comments? Of the Week? What is this, a weekly compilation of comments?! - ohh, it is. Welp, color me unsurprised! Gmana helms this week's edition, guaranteeing a deluge of Nintendo regalia and a triple-score of punnery by Gus TT, Dere, and Isay. Basically, you know you love it. Heck, you already read it. Why need we even recap it? Fo' kicks and giggles, man.

 Last week, then I pull the contest. If you'd like to win the prize, decipher, then explain correctly. I'll supply this tip: clicks don't always follow one direction.

 A real-deal restaurant in California validates our rugged community manager. Besides, if he can endure your slings and volleys, what better man to lead us out of hardship than a hard shell taco?

R - An aspirant to blogdom, one Aurachad, drops a surprise review of the James Bond video game 007: Nightfire, focusing in particular on the GameCube iteration and praising several of its design choices, barring some peculiar vagueness. Would you believe this game launched over 15 years ago? Would you believe we were buying new GameCube games over *15* years ago?? Holy goodness, a decade and then some crept by.

R - JuIc3 leaps into the fray with an early reception of Monster Hunter World! The man's always good for some smart commentary; viewer discretion's only advised because the adorable Palico partners may melt your body's heart with their mew-velous cuteness. I don't see this one catering to the "dog person" innate, but then, Call of Duty tried that and it didn't exactly revolutionize the shooter - maybe these cool cats just play it safe since the real meat's the hunting and the cooking. (Side note: if you're bored with your PS4 Pro, I'll *gladly* take it off your hands. No joke.)

 Remember when Konami dominated all 16-bit licensed-game soundtracks, and our world sounded unbelievably *awesome*??

 I only one won this game half the time.

Let me tell you a story.

Not a long time ago, a certain man declared support for disuse of capital letters. This man, swindled by shortsighted cost-cutting and misunderstanding of conflict resolutions, stood firm in his opposition to the staple of Roman Lettering. This man braved the churning waters to demonstrate his resolve. The problem, however, was that braving the waters needn't necessarily lead to heroics or uncharted glory. Sometimes, braving the waters leads to a submersible end.

Don't brave any waters not meant for man to try, sailors. Respect the icecaps, as the icecaps saw your predecessors under the stars as well. There are things worthy of belief - in this instance, 26 of them. Go in the safety of their sight.

Larx out, homeslice~

 Never let your troubles twist your stay.

Today's title track: First Storm
Producer: DECO*27
Vocaloid: Hatsune Miku

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When it comes to October, it's pretty easy to come up with an idea for Bloggers Wanted. Halloween presents a lot of options. People will start playing horror games and marathon scary movies, but then there's the ultimate question for the day itself:

"What am I going to wear?"

Costumes are, after all, at the very heart of Halloween's fun. Whether you're playing a game with a canon character like Lara Croft, Spider-Man or a customized character in Monster Hunter World or an MMO, you're still faced with the question of what are you going to look like. Sometimes you even have stat bonuses to further complicate things, while other games have made it so you can have all the lovely stat bonuses and still make something that looks nice to you. Some folks even take this all huge step further and will realize such costumes for real-life cosplay.

As someone that posts often about Final Fantasy XIV, I have spent countless hours obtaining all kinds of armor, weapons and accessories from various corners of the game and only for the reason of it looking cool. In fact, once I have a job at 50, I feel obligated to give each of my jobs a fanciful glowing weapon before I press forward.

And then I give each job their own little pet sidekick, because I have decided my character is a Disney princess. Then I write macros that give them a blend of super sentai/Sailor Moon transformations because henshin a-go-go, baby!

But, if I'm honest, my one true love in regards to outfits in the game is the Invalician Samurai set, which I got from the Rabanastre raid. The design is pulled right from the Final Fantasy Tactics' art concept of the female samurai and is wonderfully realized.

But sometimes looking good comes at a price, too. I remember my favorite look for my Corsair in Final Fantasy XI required me wearing pants that reduced my movement speed by twenty percent and some of the best stat-based builds in Monster Hunter can make you look silly.

So this month's topic for Bloggers Wanted is costumes. Whether the costume is realized in-game or in real-life, we'd like for you to to discuss your favorite creations or tributes to characters, whether it's a custom look, a canon character or even a character skin like you'd find in Overwatch or Fortnite. You can discuss cosplays you've done, or cosplayers you admire. You can even talk about the plights of stat-based function over fashion.

The sky is the limit on this one, so head on over to our community blogs and get to writing! Use the prompt "Costume party: [Your title here]" and be sure to place "Bloggers Wanted" in the tags!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have get Bayonetta dressed up. She's heard about everyone and everything becoming Princess Peach and she would like to remind the world she was ahead of the curve on that.

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