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I'm getting lazy

Man, it's already been a week since I wrote anything on here. I meant to do It's A Secret To Everybody #3 last week as well. I need my own computer, trying to share this one and get anything done and browse my usual sites is too hard.

I need to make a list of moments/secrets that I can pull from for articles, and maybe take the screenshots ahead of time too, so I'm not spending one big chunk of time thinking about what to post about, then taking shots, then writing the whole thing. On the plus side, though, I know what my next Secret is going to be, and it's super easy. I just need to drag the system over here to grab screens.

So, as of now I owe one Secret and one Memory, assuming I really care about doing this weekly. And then another Secret later in the week. Time flies.

To close, I'd just like to say THANK YOU to everyone who has been reading, and a DOUBLE THANK YOU to those who have enjoyed my posts enough to comment! I'm very happy you like what I'm doing, especially Chad since I ripped him off completely :) The Orcameter is coming soon...
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