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Unexpectedly Amazing GameStop Score

So like most of the Destructoid community I hurried out to pick up The Orange Box today after class let out. Since it was near my school I went to a GameStop that I rarely ever visit, which is a shame, because after browsing for a while I found a bunch of great titles in stock. All-in-all I ended up spending another $100 by getting:

Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem
Gunstar Super Heroes (New!)
Indigo Prophecy
Max Payne
Silent Hill 2
Steambot Chronicles (New!; the lone display case was on the very bottom shelf with a faint coat of dust.)
The Orange Box (for PC, the only thing I was planning to get)
Time Splitters 2 (Took a chance since everyone speaks so highly of it.)

I almost felt a little bad for the guy that had to ring me up since he was new and had to dig around awhile to find everything. He also seemed a bit confused at my request to inspect each of the disks, probably because that step was omitted from whatever corporate training manuals he’d glanced over a day or two ago.

So while I managed to get some good stuff it’ll be severely adding to my already hefty pile of unplayed games. Any thoughts on where to start?
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