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Wish list: last.fm for games

I'd like to have something like last.fm [link] for games. I'm not the first person to suggest something like this, but I haven't seen it yet.

See, I can't always describe why I prefer one game to another. I enjoyed Animal Crossing (stop your manly chortling!!) but have no interest in MySims, The Sims, Harvest Moon, or most other games with a similar style. Phantasy Star Online has claimed many an hour, despite the fact that it's difficult to take online, and the combat could be charitably described as "broken". Gauntlet: Dark Legacy was a fun multiplayer game, yet it's shallow with bad graphics and slowdown. Some Zelda games are fun, some aren't. I could go on all day.

You get the point. There are games that you like, but you cannot explain why objectively, and you wouldn't even necessarily recommend those games to other people. Reviews can be hit-or-miss. So instead, you just put all the games you like into a group, without explaining why. So does everyone else. Then computers (using the RAM and possibly "processors") make recommendations based on other games that people with similar tastes enjoy.

Some online stores try to do this, but they tend to only recommend games in the same genre. Or they list bestselling games. Neither is really a good approach.

[edit] It occurred to me that "this person also bought" tells you nothing about whether or not they liked it. Since many people neither rent nor play before buying, the purchasing decision is likely based on the old methods of classifying -- genre, review score, personal recommendation.[/edit]

Pipe dream? No. It can be done. Psycho Mantis could do it. How did he know???
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