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Nintendo conference Wii news BLOW OUT! Dr Mario online? Day of Crisis looking good? WiiMusic? Farm teh Mudkips? UPDATE: Speeling fixed, videos and pics added.

So incase you hadn't heard, Nintendo has declared full scale war on every human being on the planet. They are attacking with their Pokemonz, with downloadable games, new Wii channels, and Sonic in Smash Bros.

Alot of this news has already made the front page, but a lot hasn't. I'm going to keep an eye on www.gonintendo.com today to keep you guys updated, as I had to go home sick from work and have nothing better to do (sorry Phantom Hourglass).

Already since this morning a flood of pics have popped up for various games.

Dr Mario WiiWare, subtiitled "Dr.Mario & bacterial eradication

This is probably the one I am most excited about. I got my fiance addicted to DR Mario 64, and this version is promising to be even better. My Japanese but a translation from Famitsu says this about the game.

- "Moving the capsule, it keeps turning off the virus, 'Dr.Mario' [riniyuaru]. It is possible to appear Mii in place of [mario], also the opposition with Wi-Fi has become possible. In addition, 'it is recorded in DS training of the adult who Tohoku University future technology collaborative research center Kawasima Riyuuta professor supervision more forges the brain' 'it records also bacterial gains popularity eradication'. This using the pointing device of Wii remote control, operates the capsule directly, can enjoy the cooperation play up to 4 simultaneously."


And that's it for now. There are other new picks of Monster Rancher 3 for the Wii, new Wii Fit pics, Mario Kart cycles, and other stuffs, but they have all either made it to the front page, or just aren't that notable.

If more pops up, you can be sure I'll report it.
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