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Orange Box Advice, 360 or PC

So, I have them both pre-ordered and I'm planning on picking up one of them tonight.

The big dilemma is, Orange Box on the 360 or the PC. I really want it on my PC, but thats been acting up lately. Plus if I get it on PC, I can give a few pieces of it away. (HL2, HL2EP1) However my PC gaming has been sparse lately. When I play FPS games there is a slight delay when I move my mouse to when it moves my aimer in the game unless I reduce the resolution quite a lot. What on Earth could be causing that?

I wouldn't mind playing through the whole game again on the 360 but are the graphics going to be anywhere as nice as they were on the PC?

I'm in a dilemma fellow Robots, please advise.

I'm leaning closer to the PC version, despite stupid aiming issues.

Is anyone even getting the 360 version? Anyone at all?
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