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Content Creator's Dilemma :: Reach, Exposure & Good Intentions


Now, as some of you may know . . . (potentially because you got to witness my initial blogs that got nuked from orbit because I'm an idjiot), I'm a content creator on Youtube, alongside my fiancee and one of my best friends. Our specific focus is indie game reviews (majoritarily Steam related), as well as interviewing developers in the indie gaming community.

I really do love the idea of finding out more about their work process, both for the interest of those tech oriented gamers, as well as fledgeling devs who might want to follow the footsteps of their more successful peers. Plus, it's absolutely amazing to hear about the origins of certain projects, or elements within them, and how the game itself evolved over time. (Plus, insight into prior projects, and sneak peeks at future ones are absolutely delicious tidbits.)

That said, whilst I truly do want to do good by indie games in general, I find it sometimes difficult- since there comes times where I -very- much would like to lay a spotlight on lesser known titles ,those rarities which glimmer like golden corn kernels in the endless ocean of offal that has swelled in the wake of Steam Direct (I speak of such train wrecks & travestys as this :: http://store.steampowered.com/app/776340/Gay_World/ ).

Even if I do manage to find one of these games that I find just so damn appealing (Things like A Walk Along The Wall, or Full Metal Furies - I'm at a point where I can do very little to help gain them recognition). And it sort of sucks to realize that as much as I would like to be able to do more, I'm also hampered by my passion, by my insistence to focus solely on Indie content, and to highlight things not necessarily because it's amazingly trendy, but because it caught my eye, because it looked good and -wasn't amazingly popular already, or the simple fact that a fledgeling developer reached out to me. (Okay, that latter example ended up being one of more more 'Gawd this is mediocre' reviews, but still.)

I sometimes wonder if I'm not only doing my channel, but my co-workers, and the indie developers we end up working with an injustice by being so fixated on Indie Content, and things that aren't as 'popular'. 

And I can certainly understand how it hinders our growth, and our capacity to reach out and get ahold of some developers.

Epilogue :: In the end, if any of you folks want to weigh in on this with your thoughts or opinions feel free- hell, if any of the bigger folk wouldn't mind chattering with me, I would certainly appreciate advice/guidance- since this is certainly not a road on which I can advance alone, and I have concerns for the other two people who've entrusted me with their efforts to be concerned for.

And, hell, if any of you might be interested in doing a solid turn for some Indie titles- I have a list of things I wish that I could help get looked at- but I have neither the clout nor capacity to do them proper justice. So I guess, message, or Pm me, if you're open to it.

On The (Potentially Next Episode of :: Arlyeon Writes a Big Freakin' Blog :: Expect something about Full Metal Furies Puzzles, unless something else comes up, or I become terminally sidetracked.

P.P.S. This off the cuff free flow written Blog has been edited courtesy of Insomnia Inc. Riddling your documents with typos since the inception of writing.

- Destructoid Blog Newbie in search of learning how to navigate this place. I also can't code HTML to save my life or Javascript.

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