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Steins;Gate: Linear Causality Introduction


 I am a fairly good fan of the Visual Novel series, Steins;Gate, ever since i first saw the anime back in 2010, i was sucked into the world of Hououin Kyouma. years later after finally getting a chance to go through the original Visual Novel, i had started to think of what the origins of everything, Specifically, how and when Okabe obtained the Reading Steiner. i also want to actually write stories proper, and i think that doing some fan fiction would be a great place to start. my goal with this fan fiction is to make the story fit as comfortably into the world of Steins;Gate as possible, even attempting to make sure that dates and events follow closely. i will add my own original events and idea, but nothing that would break the "laws" of that universe. i will accept criticism very well, so long as they are contrsuctive, as i know that this is going to be very very rough. still, i think i have an idea that will work well within the universe, and explains how Okabe obtained the Reading Steiner ability. i think the name of my fan fiction is one of the things that fits into my mission statement. it explains the direction i want to take it in, and it sounds cool. i currently don't have much written down, and i don't know how frequently i will be updating the story, but it is something that i want to at least attempt in my own awkward way.

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