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Also, is there a way to check out new comments on a Blog or Destritter...Destructitter (Worse, no)... Twittoid? ... The quick post thing. Like, so I can quickly find new comments without manually reading them all. <.< I'm not joking about being a nub.

- Destructoid Blog Newbie in search of learning how to navigate this place. I also can't code HTML to save my life or Javascript.



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About Arlyeonone of us since 10:53 PM on 08.12.2017

So, for those curious about the stuff I do in my free time, you can totally check out www.youtube.com/c/CritHit.

it's mostly indie gaming Jazz, with a side order of developer interviews, and some occasional podcasts. There might be some tabletop stuff eventually, too.

There's also an Indie Gaming Discord my Fiancee runs, which can be accessed via this Handy Dandy Link :: https://discord.gg/frR8YAS