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Dishonoured 2, and it's super fucked up 'Lesser Evil'. (Just Jindosh Things)


So, recently, I decided- hey, I didn't thoroughly go through this game, and decided to return to dishonoured 2, pick it up again, and rampage through it in it's new game Plus- albeit were the term 'rampage' synonymous with stealthily picking through levels while taking occasionally inane measures to ensure that not a single poor and unfortunate soul finds themselves on the receiving end of a (occasionally well deserved) shanking. Or spontaneous annihilation, when I take note of guards happily executing civilians than no other reason than for 'The Evulz'.

Now, that in itself makes the Low Chaos route hard for me to commit to- but I've done fairly well with a minimal of qualms- up until it came to how you deal with Jindosh. Now, I will say, as far as the low Chaos target resolutions go, I do appreciate that they generally manage to handle the ironic yet non-lethal resolution of their targets fairly well. That said, I couldn't help but find what happens to Jindosh at the end of the his stage to be somewhat difficult to stomach. 

See, whilst you can just walk in there, shoot the head off one of his robotic guardians, and watch as he conveniently forgets that he installed noise sensors in them, and gets killed by his inability to shut up- the -peaceful- alternative to this fight, is to knock him out, and drag his butt down to what is essentially an electroshop therapy chair. Which you then proceed to use to it's utmost capacity to cook his brain until you've scorched his intellect into a ruined vestige.

And it sort of hit me way harder than it should have, because things like Dementia, and Alzheimers run through my family. Whilst Jindoshes bewildered dialogue nailed home the point that his 'genius' has been obliterated, it also made me think of conversations with my grandmother after she had started sending moth eaten sweaters, cereal boxes full of potato bugs, and spoiled meat as gifts. Seriously, the only thing I could think as he -literally- begs for death, is, how was this the 'higher' path? Hell, the ironic death by his own automaton seemed merciful ny comparison. The solution is still very much brute force and torture, just with the weird 'cherry' on top that he gets to unhappily survive your encounter, aware that there's something missing about himself that he (assumedly), is never going to see come back.

I suppose it also just bothered me, because even the idea of being put in his shoes- I'm pretty sure I'd prefer being almost instantaneously by mechanized robot, than being left a hollow shell.

But yeah, what about you folks?

- Destructoid Blog Newbie in search of learning how to navigate this place. I also can't code HTML to save my life or Javascript.

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