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A (Few) Prime Example(s) Why "Next-Gen" is a Rip.


Like many gamers out there, I still hate the fact I am being charged an extra $10 for the console version of a next gen title. I remember when I went to buy my 360, the first of this customer abuse, and remember having enough for 5 games, but could only walk out with 4. I didn't really expect $10 extra per game, and it almost made me decide against buying the 360 all together when I saw those prices. Still, Perfect Dark Zero did look tempting (and somehow ended up being a sorta crappy shooter... nice way to rush the game there). Over the year and almost 2nd year, I've just become disgusted with the pricing of the new console games, aside from the Wii. I even wrote Alex on his Burning Questions, and he replied with a "Because it cost more to make games" answer like everyone else. But, honestly, it might cost more but they make how much per title? They make up for it in the first day, and as a customer, I shouldn't be punished for it costing more. Plus, I have a high powered PC, which means I'm not the lemming console owner that just follows anything I'm told. I know that answer is not acceptable.

I was looking in the Best Buy ad for Sunday, because looking for jobs is just getting old, and I saw the ad for Orange Box. I really didn't think it was going to be $60, because I can load up Steam right now and play actual GOOD players online with Team Fortress for only $44 (it's on sale for the PC already). I'm not sure if you guys know this but the PC version of Half-Life 2 and all of those goodies is going to look a ton better on the PC. Plus, when a map pack comes out, it's going to be 0 Microsoft Points, because the PC always gets those things for free. Buying maps for a game is basically just bending over and letting Microsoft and anyone that wants to, have their naughty way with you.

Another example is the crap that comes out that's considered "next gen". Did anyone play that stupid Conan demo? Gee, felt a bit too familiar. Are they theying to rip God of War, because I think God of War has better graphics. Honestly. Those graphics looked really, really ugly. And the game was almost entirely glitched. The thing is, fancy graphics do not make next-gen games, and just because it cost more, doesn't mean we should pay more. People tend to forget that. I also don't feel like shelling out $60 per year for all the sports titles. I like sports games, but NBA 2K7 and 2K8 look identicle, as well as the Madden games. Rehased garbage. EA Games should know about rehashing with it's recent leak of what Battlefield 3 is going to be about (or Battlefield 2 1/2).

I first noticed I was getting ripped as a next-gen console owner when I saw the price of some of the arcade games. To play Zuma on my PC, it's $10. To play it on the 360, it's 800 points. So, does Zuma cost more on the 360? No, but Microsoft made sure you have to spend $12 on the 1000 points, that way to can play your game. The one thing I like about the Playstation Store is everything is real money, and I don't have to spend X amount of money. I spend what the game cost. But aside from the arcade titles, it's also the lack of quality in the console games. Does everyone remember "horse armor" for Oblivion? Yeah, what a rip. But you know what's funny. My friend just gave me his copy of Oblivion on PC, and guess what I'm doing in it. Wearing a green tunic with the Master Sword and a Hyrulian shield, all while flying a freakin' dragon that shoots flames out of his face. Guess how much that cost me? You're right: nothing. Nothing but a little time to download the files.

Another example, and final, is from last night. My buddies and I were loading up Company of Heroes, and it required a new patch. The patch, mind you, was absolutely free. Well, it bumped our game to 2.0 and basically gave us the expansion to the game, for free. So, when will consoles be getting this love?

Before you go off on the "quit being a PC fanboy", I'd just like to say that I am a fan of the PC, and I don't think the PC does wrong. You might think a PC is too expensive, but on the other hand, a custom built PC for around $1000 will last you longer than today's games. Heck, I can even plug my PC into my HDTV now, which is cool. So, does this mean I hate my 360 or PS3? No, not at all. I'm just really tired of spending the $10 extra just so I can get achievements or some other lame prize.

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