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How Pokémon changed my life forever.

When I was young, I was shy to the point where I’d hide behind my mom when we went places, and sometimes at school I’d hide in a bush or behind a door at recess and lunch because I scared about playing with the other kids in my class. It was super tough for me to interact with others... I really had to muster my courage and put myself in an uncomfortable place to socialize with people.
…and then, one year for Christmas, I received a copy of Pokemon Red from my parents, and things started to change for me.
While at first I just got SUPER immersed in the game by myself and played it to death in my bedroom, as we all know, you’re never going to make it all the way on your own in Pokemon. If you want to succeed at the video games or cards games, it’s absolutely necessary to talk to other people to exchange information, battle, and trade Pokemon. So, what this did was really force me into a position where I needed to improve my social skills to further my experience of the Pokemon world. This journey involved reaching out to kids at school who had Pokemon Blue in order to complete my Pokemon Red pokedex, trading with everyone I could to expand my card collection, and exchanging meta game information and strategies with people at Pokemon League to achieve success in tournaments.
Through my passion for Pokemon, I stepped outside of my comfort zone and improved my social skills, gained a lot of confidence in myself, and gradually started to perceive what I wanted out of life differently. All of these transformations have had an enormous, positive impact on both my personal life and work life, and for that I am so thankful to the Pokemon world and the wonderful community that surrounds it.
How about you? Has a game, anime, movie, or other entertainment experience ever affected your life in a big way? 
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