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How to get past "The Last Stand" in Plants Vs. Zombies


Some people have been having treouble seeing the picture so I posted it in my blog just in case. When I first saw that you place all your plants at once I thought it was the coolest thing ever, I immediately went to strong attack and strong defence to see how it held against a mass amount of zombies. It took several tries to realize this really wasn't going to work and I needed to focus more on strategy. https://www.destructoid.com//ul/user/4/417849-483936-ScreenShot20180120at101250AMpng-noscale.jpg While there are many strategies that work as well, this is the one I believe works the best with upgrading all your plants from the car shop. Please keep in mind that you do need to upgrade one plant tho, the bloom plant so it can fire in al directions now. First things first, place 2 onions on each side of the pool, it has to be 2 onions because one of the zombies can jump over it's first object and it has to be on the side closest to the pool because the blooms need to be used to attack the land zombies and the pool zombies at the same time. Next, after placing your onions place a magnet and a fully upgraded bloom shrooms, place two lily pads in the pool and place two walnuts on them (it has to be the tall walnuts because of dolphin jumping zombies). Behind the wallnuts place more bloom shrooms but don't upgrade them so they can shoot more damage forward. Last, but not least (no really this is the most important part) place spikes on the outer sides of the ground so that all the zombies going from onions will die no mater how many of them there are... and there really are a lot! I would recommend starting with at least 3, but there cheap so why not 4. When you get more shunshine you can add more too, which is recommended because of the football zombies. Make sure to keep some extra sunshine to replace the onions every now and again. Later in the game when you get more sunshine for completing levels you will probably want to add more bloom shrooms further back in the pool, but make sure not to upgrade them because the upgraded ones don't shoot very far. You can also places a walnut at the end of you spike path followed by another bloom shroom but as long as you have lots of spikes it's not really necessary. I hope this helps!! :D

- Thank-you for reading my blog!

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