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Den of Thieves

It's like going in style meets the Expendables

Hey! kids, do you like listen to the stories that are ripped from the original content and the people who ripped it, never gave any sort of credit to the creators of the original and made it 'better' by adding action scenes, making it longer, filling it with fillers like a naruto episodes?

Well, Then you must be one fucked up kid! My first advice would be to you is start looking for a job of being a writer in Indian film industry.Some people will help you to press Ctrl + C & Ctrl + V.

I believe the phrase was 'If I've seen further than others It is by standing upon the shoulders of the giants, which I made it with my own hands, So, f*** You'.

Plagiarism works, If you are 3rd-grade student making a science project about 'Coke and Mint' like rest of the class or a 4th-grade student making the same project as the 3rd-grader but naming it 'Mint and Coke' but it does go off the rails if your experiment doesn't live up to the 3rd-grade standard.

It's a straightforward heist movie like a heist movie can get, The bad guys want the money and the good old regular Joes wants to defend it from that to happening.The one who is leading the bad guy club is an unhinged criminal with a killer career record and the one who is leading the law enforcement agency is a grumpy old man with an unorthodox way to deal with things.Basically Batman and joker without the charisma, dialogues, and creativity but thank god none of that Batman *Voice*.

There are some few shootouts, plot twists, and the obligatory strip club scene cuz how would you make a 2-hour movie with a heist plot?In GTA V you can do that in 15 - 20 minutes tops and that includes falling off something 5-6 times, leaving the controller 2-3 times based on how much red bull you had that hour and blaming the fps for failing the missions.

The heist scenes are original, entertaining, especially if you are into shootout movies but the ending scene was kinda cliched but it looked good. These kind of movies are better experienced inside of a movie theater rather than on the computer, the same computer you jerk off to watching porn.

It's a mediocre movie, Watch it like you would watch a Transformers movie, at the boring scenes think about the hot chick from the first part.

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- How high you gotta be to jump so high to make people go that guy is so high

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