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Cblogs from Jan.18, 2017! Also hey guys!


Hey guys! It's your new Thursday Recapper, NeoTurbo! I've been on Destructoid a long time, but only really started getting into the community in the past year or so. So I guess I just write some personal life updates here or whatever? Seems neat!

I guess the most recent thing I've done worth talking about is a personal resolution I've made. I've decided that besides Monster Hunter World next week, I'm not going to be purchasing ANYMORE games till I make a decent dent in my current gen backlog. For those who know me this is kinda a big deal.

I've also started to practice my photography more again. I've always hoped to one day be a professional photographer and last week a friend of mine was nice enough to let me practice some indoor portrait lighting. Don't really have it down yet, but I at least can tell what I'm doing wrong.

Finally, I guess I'll fill you in on my weekend plans, it's MTG themed kinda! Saturday is my groups weekly(ish) kitchen table Magic night (which I've made a new EDH deck for). Following that I'm going to a Magic the Gathering Unstable draft on Sunday! Other than that I'm planning on relearning Charge Blade in the Monster Hunter World beta and playing some more Warframe.

Phew, that went on awhile didn't it? Sorry about that, lets get on with the reason your actually here!

S - Here we have Dr Mel and Ep.3 of his Resident Evil 2 Wordplay. Learning the History of words with zombies!? Seems like good Edu-tainment to me.

P - Cool dude Jinx 01 let's us know what he's most looking forward to being released this year. I won't spoil them all, but I gotta say I now have at least 3 more games on my radar now. Also Dead Cells is awesome and you guys should play it!

T - Slatan Slatanek gives us his Labo-rious thoughts on Nintendo's surprise announcement. Plenty of thrills, laughs and good vibes so you won't get (card)bored!

N - Shoggoth2588 gives us his rundown on his Top and Bottom 3 Bloodborne bosses! I can't say I agree on all counts, but more Bloodborne to read about is always a plus. But let's just say a certain Lady and me are slightly sad. <_<

T - Fellow Warframe buddy Dwavenhobble gives us his thoughts on the various horrible things that happened last year. Sometimes we gotta look to the past to avoid those problems in the future!

T - Spazzh20 has a list of his top 10 hidden gems of the 7th console generation. Full of surprises, and a No.1 that I can definitely agree with!

F - Furrybearpanda tells us what he thinks about Early Man, a Wallace and Gromit style claymation movie. Full of feminism, football, and feathered friends! (Or maybe not, who am I too miss out on alteration) Anyway, takes a look see to see what he thinks of it!

L - Worried about your youngsters learning "toxic behavior" online? According to Riobux, Nintendo is on the case! Finally, someone did thing of the children.

Alright! This has been my first Recap! I hope you guys liked it!


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