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[NSFW / NSFL] Kicking 2017 out of the door.


So it's the end of 2017. Some people like looking back on the year fondly. I don't I want to look back on 2017 and not repeat its mistakes.

So for the sake of 2018 it's time to give 2017 one last kicking before throwing it out the door as I look over my selection of the worst bullshit of 2017 at least related to gaming (which means no complaining that Trump making it into office isn't on the list).

Indie devs behaving stupidly.

I do like to focus a bit on indie developers to give them the spotlight but sometimes I feel like it's also a searchlight  looking picking up on some of the especially silly stuff said or just plain petty actions.

First up in the list of two main offenders this year has to be Alienmelon who decided to complain people were being too mean about their game at conventions because it was an "art game" and how youtubers are to blame for creating such a culture.

Except aren't all games art? The fact the game in question was an "Interactive Zine" doesn't suddenly make it some kind of higher art and you know what part of art is people being allowed to be quite nasty about it. The idea that you should only give tons on praise to a game because it's developer claims it's somehow more worthy of the title of being art than many other games is laughable.

As an example I'd say plenty of people would be fine with a work of art like "Shed Boat Shed" a garden shed set up in a gallery which inside shows a film of said shed being dismantled made; into a boat; sailed down a river and then finally put back together again at the end.

However I'd think there would be far more comments and huffs / sounds of derision from people when presented with "Plopegg". Which for those who don't know is a woman artist dropping paint filled eggs onto a canvas from her Vagina.  Yes it's really a thing and not something I just took from 4chans /d/ board.

But I shouldn't keep harping at one indie developer (though I could) because there's been far more indie developers doing stupid things. Like Campo Santo who decided to retroactively remove permission for PewDiePie to let's play a game because while playing another game he said a bad word on stream. Well done morons you've just told every lets player to avoid your next title because you could throw a petulant tantrum that could harm a person's channel at any moment. Campo Santo lost peoples trust over this and decided to use what is meant to be a legal system as a cudgel to go after some-one for doing something they didn't like.

However one indie developer managed to push himself above and beyond so much so that he was giving Phil Fish a run for his money in terms of stupid stuff.

Rami Ismail of Vlambeer.  From trying to get stopped by security at E3 then writing about how it was unsafe to have the general public about because no-one stopped him. To jumping in to the Campo Santo backlash to call for Steam to then stop review bombing being able to be done on Steam without ever realising how such a thing could easily be abused.

Oh but Rami wasn't done yet from comparing buying a games console to microtransactions

Rami has had quite a year really which when Vlambeer as a studio haven't released a game for almost a year and a half kind of makes the attention mostly pointless even from an advertising perspective.

Though I have to tail end this by giving him some credit for that Dorkly Game Jam he was part of and inspired.

So to indie developers out there. You know what got me to buy an indie game this year? Me buying a joke game that was so well done I actually went and checked out the developers other games and bought one. We have one Phil Fish we don't need all of you to copy him and Phil Fish didn't succeed because of his bouts of spewing nonsense on twitter. By all means spew all the nonsense you like cause it gives me a good laugh but it doesn't do much for your image (yeh I know says the person who yells on twitter too but you get the point.)

Talking heads behaving badly

Well this lot to throw out the door and hope it stays out for 2018 is because of a mix of people claiming to be journalists and others who seem to just be twitter talking heads behaving badly this year.

So let's start with kicking out the door the controversy round The Last Night where a developer was pretty savagely laid into by people for them interpreting his game as possibly being critical of something they seemingly have cult like devotion to at this point . The fact people laid into him so much on twitter he felt the need to apologise on stage at E3 should have people feeling ashamed not even criticising the game even on a base level just going after him as a person and trying to have Microsoft drop his game.

Next a big fuck you to the people who upon Penny Arcade daring to mock Polygon decided to get upset at Penny Arcade because apparently Polygon part of the Vox multimedia empire is in no way part of corporate status quo and was some independent counter culture site according to them. You know often the same people who will happily claim sexy video game characters cause rape, couldn't take even the mearest mocking of Polygon without flying off on one.

Oh and while I remember also I'm glad to see hopefully leaving this year the turning of games into mere political hockey pucks used just to try paint as targeting an opposing political group. That it happened not once but twice this year that I talked about is something I hope not to have to repeat in 2018. Or those out there who wanted to use a game as such and lamented the game not allowing it to happen.

Oh and a special fuck you hope you're not back for 2018 to the bullshit articles like this one on about how Steam needs to give more power to people to separate what they deem as legitimate criticism from Whingers, sorry but people look for different stuff in games. People find different things important and you know what, who are you to say Chinese players using VPNs don't impact Player Unknown Battle Ground enough that some-one feels it's now a negative experience? Oh and it's not like this won't be highly abused by asset flippers and bad actors either right?.

Developers behaving badly

Yeh kicking out the door the bad practices of larger developers this time hopefully leaving them in 2017.

EA brought to the table, Single player games are dead as it killed off Visceral.

It also brought to the table pay to win lootboxes in a full priced Star Wars game and caused such bullshit actual government legislators started to take notice and step in. Oh and also Battlefront TM II 's single player campaign wasn't even fully there on release and was only completed story wise with the release of the rest of it as Free DLC.

Oh and let's not forget all the bullshit in NBA 2K18 either. Such as the Virtual currency and the whole refusing to give full refunds when it removed copyrighte shirt designs people have paid for

Or Mass Effect Andromeda, yes shipping the facial work out to other studios and whatever bullshit internal pushes happened to make that broken mess deserve to be left in 2017.

Activision this year brought us Destiny 2 which you know what here's Sid Alpha to go through all the scumfuckery

Oh and let's not forget the not one but two patents designed to push microtransactions.

Hi-Rez Studios this year fairly recently in fact snuck out to controversial cards unbound update on PC and its planned for console too. Oh and also quests have been broken for the past month on Paladins on console too so screw you and make your resolution for 2018 to stop fucking up.

Warner Brothers also brought the greedy scumfuckery this year last and hopefully will be leaving it in 2017 with Shadow of War. From Orcs in lootboxes to the entire shitstorm around DLC to commemorate a dead team member, well you fucked up bad this year and should make a resolution to do better in 2018

So with lets hope for a happier healtheir 2018 for the gaming industry with less bullshit spewing and less nonsense.


Well that's enough from me for the moment. Next C-blog. Talking about the films I saw in 2017-ish

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