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Labo? Seriously?!


Yesterday we've all witnessed one of the weirdest announcements in video game history. I seriously cannot think of anything that comes close to the bizarreness that the Nintendo's Labo is. If you're not caught up on that watch the video below:

I'll admit when I saw this yesterday in the evening I was laughing my ass off. Not even kidding - laughing out loud. Not because I despise the idea, but because it was so outlandish, so out of left field that I was flabbergasted. I knew Nintendo are crazy lunatics, but seeing cardboard toys being involved in gaming is just so ludicrous and I imediately thought of all the poor jerks riding the hype train with every little Nintendo announcement (yeah, we're totally getting Metroid Prime 4 gameplay footage in this). 

Now for the trailer itself - it is nice to see Nintendo can still produce a quality trailer of a product, with a curious beginning, nice reveal and overall good pacing. It is a enjoyable watch. Obviously a few red flags have been raised - isn't cardboard not very durable as a toy? are those mini-games (I assume those won't be fully fledged games) actually fun? and isn't 70-80$ a bit steep for a piece of paper and a few cords? As it happens I work in a place where we use cardboard a lot for packaging purposes and I can assure you that CB can be very durable, I doubt this will be the case with Labo though as from the footage it seems pretty thin. The mini-games just HAVE TO BE FUN, period. Otherwise the whole experiment falls flat and that's that. And the pricing issue depends on the quality of the software and the whole package if I'm honest.

So, after thinking about what just happened I still didn't know what to make of all this ...that is until my doughter came back from school today (she's 10) and I played her the trailer. Guess what, she was laughing too! But after it finished she was excited as only a kid can be - her eyes sparkling, asking me details on pricing, release date's etc. Damn you Nintendo - I thought - you were right once again! Nintendo admitted they still consider themselves a toy company and we're seeing a glimpse of that. And while it's not something I've been clamoring for I can see the appeal - I would myself be all over this as a kid, I'm sure. It is kind of a genius idea if you think about it, all the nerdy kids are gonna probably love it. I hope it all catches on since it's easy to see how it can be used for educational purposes and getting children into engineering stuff.

As for those poor haters that got ejected from the hype train before reaching the station? Well, at this point I don't think there's anything Nintendo can do to temper expectations of its rabid Metroid fans - anything short of releasing the freaking game already!

What are your thoughts on the Labo thing? Are you at all interested or is making paper planes for kids only?

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