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Early Man - The Pun-est Review


Early Man is also the word that every man hates, when it comes out of a women mouth.


My Early Re-View 


I had to watch this movie not because the animation designs reminded me of Shawn the sheep, No, but the title of this movie made my 'Terrible pun sense' tangled like when I see a 'First' on the comment section.So, Without any 'further delay', Let's charge 'forward' to this review 'without holding it back'.(If you think the name is unfunny wait till I explain to you what the movie is about.)


The animators of this movie, to put it in simple terms 'They killed it', they brought the same colourful (U stands for u are a brit) magic of watching Nick Park movies to the big screen, once again.The wide grins, fat hands, and huge ears are there, just as I 'predicted' and they 'delivered perfectly'.


The animation is there but it lacks the charm and wit, which I was expecting in this movie.I thought this movie would explore the dense primeval setting of cave man era like in the movie The Croods but instead of that, the whole movie relies on a cliched story with few minor laughs.


Now that sentence 'cliched story with few minor laughs' is an 8/10 in a Bollywood movie but if you want me to expect that generic 101 plot in a 50 million $$$ movie, Then, I can be as 'early' as I want. 




Welcome to Farcry: Primal the movie.In this movie, you'll get to see the prehistoric dwellers as ancestors of Wallace & Gromit.The movie opens with a meteor hurtling towards Earth.Now, this could go a lot of ways, either they'll follow Ice age 5 or a superhero plotline or build a spaceship to land on the meteor, Then, 'drill through the center of the meteor, so they can drop a bomb in there', to destroy it from inside.You know what the third one sounds realistic.


The meteor hits, 'yadda yadda yadda' the dinosaurs are poofed but all the cave persons (#Feminism) gets to see another day because they stood (hid) by their name 'CAVE'. Now, all that's left is a meteor reduced to a spherical glowing rock at the center of a blistering crater.


Then, I guess, some of the cave persons were carrying the gene pool of Neil DeGrasse Tyson, So, They did what Neil DeGrasse Tyson would've done if he ever sees a meteor, try to move it, and they f**** did, but due to its 'extreme heat they drop it' and start to kick it. And 'yadda yadda yadda' they created the sport of football (Soccer for yanks). 


Yes, It's a football movie and just like the game of football, It felt long and 'really really really long' with no 'pleasurable outcome'.


Wait, I forgot about one thing -


If you've seen Shawn the sheep, Then, you know the ducks are one of the most significant characters ever to come out of nick park's creative unimaginable universe. And those ducks 'pulled it again', That's right, those ducks 'ducked' ('low-hanging pun') the blindness of the plot, and for that, they are the best part of this movie. #Quackquackquack #QuacktotheDeath


Aren't they look Quackdorable 




Now I so badly want an independent Duck movie. Please do it, They will be just like the minions but the shit would be coming out of their back instead of their mouth. 


All those puns were fuckin 'INTENDED'!!!!!For more visit: https://furrybearpanda.blogspot.in/




- How high you gotta be to jump so high to make people go that guy is so high

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