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A case for Depth Rendering Displays and Improved Vision


Case for Depth Rendering Displays and Improved Vision


Disclaimer: I am but I humble game designer not an optometrist, or physicist. The following is based on my own experience and what I've learned.


Now that, that's out the way, hello! Chances are if you're reading this your eyes suck! Now why is that? You'll get a bunch of different answers to that question you may even find people who say you can improve your vision naturally.


Can you improve your vision naturally, I've been trying for the past year and I'm a bit shaky on the results but I do feel as though it can be done. Losing weight can be done, but it's hard enough that most people fail at it and then claim it doesn't work. It's hard to actually find someone actually succeeds at losing weight. I imagine improving your vision is a lot like that. Anyhoo, here's my idea of why vision goes wrong.


In general the body will shutdown whatever parts aren't being used. You don't work out, you lose muscle, you stay in a wheel chair it becomes hard to walk again, you start taking medicine for something long enough and at some point you may become dependent on it. I don't think the eyes are any different.


My basis, and I think many have came to the same conclusion, is that nearsightedness or myopia is caused by looking at things too closely too much. But that's not the whole story, incidentally there's evidence to show that looking at things at a distance too much causes farsightedness or hyperopia, but you don't hear people telling you not out far away too long. . The solution seems simple, if you want both you have to do both! That's really all there is to it. The body has a habit of not doing what it doesn't have to so you have to kinda exercise the lens so that it's more flexible in terms of changing shape. Of course there's other things that factor like astigmatism and genetics blah blah blah... but I think distance is the main key.


Despite this, the reality is close distance viewing isn't going anywhere. TVs, tablets, phones, and monitors take up a large portion of peoples lives and even outside of that you have books and paper the original myopia rock stars. But I think there's a solution to this and interestingly enough it's more screens.


Enter the Depth Rendering Display! Essentially instead of rendering the usual RGB you'd have RGBD, the D being depth. I don't know exactly how you'd do it but I’m sure you can be done. My idea is, depth data (or the z buffer for you game programmers out there) be passed to the screen and somehow each pixel manipulates the light of that pixel so that it appears closer or further away. LED/LCDs essentially already manipulate light by charging liquid crystals and I'm sure the 3DS probably does something similar like shifting light to separate eyes. I'm thinking all you have to do is refract pixels or diodes or whatever to simulate looking far away and focus the ones that appear close. Basically I'm saying to make looking at a screen is similar to looking out a window with one eye closed. Requiring people to focus to see also probably gives a sort of subtle 3D effect. After all you can't focus in and out on a 2D image like you can when you focus in and out looking at your thumb closely.


This should.. in theory preserve peoples vision by requiring them to focus in and out on an image despite the viewing distance. Of course you'd need settings to adjust for sitting distance or disable it but those are minor details ! So HEY TECH PEOPLE get on this!


In the meantime here are a few tips I think can preserve or improve your vision. I'm mainly gonna focus on myopia here but for hyperopia people, just think the same thing but in reverse.



If you got stuck with a prescription don't wear glasses up close! Chances are you can already see well up close it's far away you can't see. Using distance glasses up close when you can already see decently up close will ruin your vision that much I'm sure of. If you can't see well up close get a reduced prescription that's just close enough so there's room to improve. When you're stuck in close vision you want to challenge the eyes to see in the distance much more often.


#2 Far Away + Large Font > Close up Small Font

Distance is distance, it doesn't matter what's on the screen, how clear you can truly make it out is what determines how well you can see. Being able to make out the moon doesn't mean you have space vision. So when given the opportunity, scale up your display and put more distance between you and your screen. Larger screens tend to be better than smaller screens because they allow for greater distance while still being distinguishable.


#3 White text on black background

No real excuse for this one but enable dark mode when you can, it's easier to see. When you look at a white piece of paper actual light is refracting into your eyes like a monitor I guess but the intensity of the monitor rarely ever matches the light source of the room. It's kind of like your getting paper lit up by the sun shining in your face all day.


Also I'd like to add black is the absence of light. So if you think of text as objects, using white backgrounds is like looking at objects that refract no light a super bright room. Very unnatural.


#4 Don't strain your eyes

If you look at something you think you can't see long enough the image might, even if only briefly, get clearer without really trying. Straining just causes other problems. Relax the eyes.


#5 There's no perfect distance

Getting stuck looking from one distance, whether close or far isn't the solution you have to keep the eyes active. Hence my proposal for Depth Rendering Displays!!! So it's probably good to change setups or look away every once in a while. Healthy eyes need to look at things up close and far away. One more often than the other depending on your case.


#6 Diet and Posture Count

It always counts anytime you're trying to heal from anything, no exception here. Good posture is also a good idea but I don't want to detract from the main point.


That's all! Hopefully some engineer out there gets this message.

Welp back to working on games.

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