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LaTerry's Second Annual Video Game Awards


It's mid January, so that means it's time once again for LaTerry's (now annual) Video Game Awards! The show where I definitely don't just make up enough categories to include all the games that I loved. 

I guess I'll talk about some rules, to give the appearance of consistency. Each game can only win one award, in order to spread the love around as much as possible. That's why my game of the year doesn't appear in every category that it qualifies for, because it could only win one thing, and that thing was the best thing. In order for a game to qualify for an award, I have to have played it, so that leaves out a lot of games this year, unfortunately. Games like Resident Evil 7, Mario + Rabbids, and anything else that you are probably mad that I didn't include. Also a warning, there might be some spoilers about some of the games I talk about, so if you don't want to be spoiled, don't watch the videos included and don't read what I blurbed about them. Also, the category that Super Mario Odyessy took is a spoiler, so tread lightly if you don't want to be spoiled about that.

With that out of the way, it's time to present the games that I adored in 2017!

Best Soundtrack:

Nier Automata

Oh my goodness this OST. I can't handle it. It does things to me, it makes me feel things, usually sad things. Perhaps, taken out from their context in the games, people might listen to this OST and wonder what is so great about it. It's kind of strange, a lot of the vocals seem to be in a made up language, and some of it is downright bizarre. I don't know about music theory or anything fancy like that, what I do know is that this OST works perfectly with this game. Every powerful moment in the game is enhanced by the music. If a song sounds weird to someone who hasn't played the game, it sounds perfect to someone who experienced that song first hand, probably as a bunch of machines started a cult chant about becoming gods. That moment was so incredibly elevated by the music that it still haunts me to this day. 

The "Why is this so hard?" Award:


When I finally got my hands on Nioh I was a bit overconfident. I've played Dark Souls and Bloodborne, and I was certain that I would be able to handle anything this game threw at me. I was wrong. Very wrong. It was like stubling through Dark Souls for the first time all over again. The game is "Souls Like" for sure, but it gives it it's own spin and is absoultely its own beast. Its own incredibly difficult beast. I had to contend with stances, and recovering stamina in an interesting and unique way. I had to contend with Oni, who create a kind of nagative space that saps your strength. Even with all it's differences, it still holds the thing about Dark Souls that makes it such a good game in my mind, that incredible feeling of acomplishment when overcoming the game's difficulties.

Best Shooter:

Splatoon 2

I usually don't play multiplayer shooters. I'm not good at them and usually don't have much fun with them. Splatoon 2 is the exception. It's colorful, it's happy, it has style, it has Pearl and Marina, and most of all, it's a lot of fun. Even someone as bad at games like this can help the team out by focusing on inking turf. This game also has Salmon Run, which is where I spent most of my time in the game, so long as it was open. It's a lot of fun, and my skill is measured against the computer, not against other real people who are inevitably better than me. Splatoon 2 is a whole heap of fun, and that is what counts.

Best Return:

Metroid: Samus Returns

Nintendo finally brought back 2D Samus. Finally. After assuming the series was dead in the water after such gaming greats as Other M and Frederation Force, Nintendo looked me in the eye this past E3, gently stroked my beard, whispered sweet alien sounding nothings in my ear, and then announced two new Metroid titles. One of them was Metroid: Samus Returns. What a return it was. It took the only game in the franchise that was in desperate need of a remake and improved it in every way. Samus can now aim in 360 degrees, and it makes a huge difference. It's difficult to go back to older games that don't do that. It was a game that I played through in almost one sitting because I was having such a great time. Yes, there is an elephant in the room, an AM2R sized elephant, but that game came out in 2016 so it doesn't even matter.

Best Waifu:

Gravity Rush 2- Kat

Yes, shut up, this is a legitimate award, and Kat wins it hard. She is one of the reasons that this game is so enjoyable. She's freaking cute, and I can't handle it most of the time. You can earn emotes in the game to use with the photo mode, and of them is just Kat eating a donut and I can't take it. Aside from her just being cute, Kat is a great stand in for the player. She is in a strange new place and is learning about it at the same rate as the player (sometimes slower). She is good to a fault, and her goodness gets her in trouble with corrupt people, but luckly she can control gravity and won't make any excuses for doing the right thing. She is fun to play as in every sense of the word. 

Greatest Sense of Discovery:

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

I adore exploring stuff in games, and as such I'm a big fan of open world games. I've never experienced an open world game quite like Breath of the Wild. It really felt like a world lost to time that was begging to be explored and discovered. I had so much fun just looking around and learning about this version of Hyrule. There isn't a lot else to say about this game since its won so many awards, but it has a special place in my heart and I constantly yearn to go back to Hyrule and discover more.

Best Performance:

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Okay, so this game is a trip. It has a lot of things going for it, like the beautiful graphics and animations, but what really cements it as a great game is the voice performances of everyone involved. Senua, the main character, is perhaps a little crazy. She hears voices, and those voices are incessant and creepy. Senua and the voices she hears add so much to the experience of the game. The game is frightening and creepy, and that is all because of how well the voices convey their insanity to you. Also there is a (probably also crazy) dude who tells Sanua stories about the land she is exploring and his charisma also adds to the story and made me want to stop and listen to him. 

Best DLC:

Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City

So, funny story, this is actually the first time I've watched that trailer, since when it came out everyone told me to avoid it for fear of spoilers. I'm glad I did, because wow, there were a lot of spoilers in that trailer. Anyway, I was immediately enamored with Dark Souls 3, so much so that I got the platinum trophy for it. I absoultely jumped at the thought of playing more of it. The Ringed City DLC was incredible in every way, and I'm not just saying that because there is an awesome dragon boss battle in it. Okay, that was a big reason for it, but everything else about this DLC was still really cool. It was really fun to explore the Ringed City and to try and survive it, and the weapons that it added to the game were awesome. Darkeater Midir is now my favorite boss fight in all of Dark Souls, because hot dang he is a cool dragon. Speaking of dragons...

Best Dragon:

Super Mario Odyssey- Lord of Lightning

It was really hard to choose between the Lord of Lightning and Darkeater Midir. Both of them promoted great joy upon seeing them and upon fighting them. I was giddy like a kitty surrounded by yarn the entire time I was fighting both of them. So why did the Lord of Lightning win this award? What made him so special? Well, when playing Dark Souls, awesome dragons are expected. They've always been a part of Dark Souls, and they are always really cool. So while Midir is an awesome dragon, he didn't surprise me. Lord of Lightning surpised me so much. I completely lost it when I saw that Bowser was riding a dragon, but not just any dragon, an incredible, highly detailed, realistic looking dragon. Mario has had dragons before, but they've pretty much always been doofy. They're almost always cartoony and never felt intimidating. I was not expecting the Lord of Lightning, and it is still the moment that I remember the most fondly when I think back on Super Mario Odyssey.

The Most Anime Game:

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

The anime flows within me and throughout this game. There is no end to the anime and the anime sustains life. The weeb gains sustinence from the anime and the anime gains new power from the weeb. It all culminates in this game, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the most anime game I've ever played.

Sorry about that, sometimes that happens if I look directly into the anime for too long. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a wonderful game, filled with complex but rewarding battle systems, an interesting world, and a cool character concept with the blades. It also wears its anime influences on its sleeve. For some, like me, that is an awesome thing. For others, this is a deal breaker. It all depends on how much anime you can stomach. How much anime can you play before you become one with the anime. 

Most Memorable Game:

Doki Doki Literature Club

This is one of those games that I can't talk about much without ruining it for you. By now you've probably heard something about this game, if you haven't played it already. If you haven't played it, I highly recommend it. It's free, so you can't go wrong there, but it will also stick with you. I can't stop thinking about this game. It does things with story telling that only a video game can do. It affected me so much that I've watched an embarrasing amount of let's plays of it. I recommend ProJared's lets play, by the way, if you want to watch someone play it. His reaction to it has felt the most genuine. 

The Best Game That I Didn't Spend Enough Time Playing:

Horizon Zero Dawn

Hear me out. I finally got this game on Black Friday, but Black Friday tends to happen around the same time as my college semester starts to wrap up. I had the game, but I had to worry about finals and all that garbage. So I didn't get to play it much. I only have about 3 hours logged into the game, and that is a shame and is not nearly enough time. From what little I've played, I can tell that this game will be wonderful. For one thing, it has robot dinosaurs. That should be enough to sell you on it alone, but it also has a really well done open world, a world that I really want to discover more about. Soon, I promise. I'll get around to it soon.

Best Indie Game

A Hat in Time

A Hat in Time is just too cute. Even more than that, it's incredibly fun. It takes everything awesome from 3D platformers of yore and throws them together. It doesn't just have influences from 3D platformers either, it reminds me a lot of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. Hat Kid feel great to control, and the game just never stops throwing interesting things at you. One level might be a murder mystery, another level is mildly terrifying horror romp, while another is a huge open level that is free to explore at your leisure. This game has a lot going for it, and I loved every moment I spent playing it.

Best Rhythm Game

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone

I played so much of this game last year. That is partly because it's such a great game, but it's also because it's a huge game. The game has well over 200 songs. It's almost daunting looking at the track list and scrolling through it. There's just so much there. Because of the wide variety of songs, you're almost sure to find something to love. Unless you just can't handle vocaloid music, which I suppose is a possibility. That makes Miku sad though, can you handle that on your conscience? 

It is now time! 

LaTerry's best game of 2017!

Game Of The Year for 2017!

Persona 5

This game is just too good. I've ranted and raved about this before, but Persona 5 might just be my favorite game of all time, so it stands to reason that it would become my game of 2017. I adore everything about it. Never has a game wowed me as much as this one did. Every little detail is awesome, even the menus are fun to look at. Its music is amazing and I still listen to it regularly, even after spending well over 100 hours playing the game. Persona 5 is one of the only games in recent memory that I immediately started up again after beating it. I just couldn't stop playing, and even now I want to go back and keep playing it. I want to see what happens with the other romance options, I want to try to get every confidant up to rank 10, I want to experience it all again. If you let me, I'll endlessly talk your ear off about how cool Persona 5 is, so I'll leave it there. 

So there you have it, LaTerry's favorite games of 2017. Make sure to tell me what really cool games that I missed out on last year, because I know that there were a lot. Do you agree with anything of the games listed above? Tell me how wrong I am in the comments.

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