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CBlog Recaps of 01/02/2018 & 01/09/2018 - Snowman


Hello, reader. This self-reflective Larxism contains no discussion of electronic entertainment, apart from that cursory informational blip. Anybody desiring musings on said subject, please proceed to the actual recaps below. Thank you in advance!

So 2017 flew past us, rocketing at times, and here we sit or stand or lie, contemplating the twilight and overture. I was gonna wax nostalgic on old bones from the past, but instead, I'm eyeballing the future with optimistic breath - yes, breath of the eye - thanks to the considerable progress I myself accomplished in the area of the roundabout...or, rather, roundabout no more:


I actually began my fitness membership in 2016, but unstable and quite frankly unhealthy work hours and schedules kept me often from pursuing any of my fitness goals. As such, I gained little measurable success of any sort throughout that calendar year. Distraught at the failing, I resolved spring 2017 to redouble my effort - work hours of a less insane nature certainly aided me with this, mind. So what did I seek to achieve?

Well, any gym-goer intends to pack on health and muscle, but in my instance, while I never floated into the realm of "obese," I certainly stood to lose more than a couple kilos before I could dare to Pump Up. Put simply, I opted to slash weight as rapidly as possible without diving into incapacitation, so that I could bottom out at my earliest convenience & work my way upward from there. Adjusting my dietary intake set me on the right path at the start, yet it took until the final day in May to finalize an acceptable exercise routine to supplement (or, truthfully, spearhead) the raucous charge. And so, the back half of 2017 served as the extended 7+ month litmus test...could I succeed.

Well, hey. I would.

Holy crackers! Chart resembles a ski slope - suitable, as I become the lesser man by the week. (There's no man like snowman!) I will take it: down ~29 lbs. / 13.5 kg 'cross 7 months, a plummet from 196 to 167 (89 to 75.5). Dropped more than one pant and shirt size - even feels like hat and shoe size, sometimes. Certainly my slimmest since early university. And maaan, do I feel great...

...well, actually, not *fully* yet, I don't. Why not? Simple: never full - a hard-cal diet, rigidly in effect, until I bottom out. No fun going hungry every single day, even when I stuff my face with vegetables, which combat hunger pains 'bout as readily as a sword hilt defeats the final boss in Dark Souls: agonizingly. I haven't totally erased "junkier" food from my ingestion, meaning not all is lost, both figuratively and fattingly. In either way, I wouldn't call my bodily shape "great" just yet. Nonetheless, I feel major relief at having torn through the initial seven months of my regimen in outstanding form, and I can absolutely assert the value and benefit from bouncing safely back into the "healthy" weight bracket. Besides, the journey approaches its endpoint; I've gotta quit cutting pounds after March/April or risk falling gaunt and unseemly, like unto a meager Castlevania skeleton. If nothin' else, I eagerly await the day I can add more bulk - especially protein from JUICY MEAT - back into the mix, when the goal shifts from slashing excess to stacking pecs. 'Til then?

...come quickly, lord bacon...


S - CotW charges through the furor of the oft-failing blogs to unleash a torrent of Ooktar-tinted chortles and chuckles, a serene respite from the madness of society at large. Their survival hinges upon your wittiness and visibility (he said, lampooning himself in the process). Come, weary traveler, and laugh along with friends.

P - Just Another Castle #122 arrives fresh off the grill from The Mango (not Manga) Viking yet again, encompassing all Switch-y Nintendo Yooka-Laylee! Wait, that launched on Switch now...well, still worth $6. Thereabouts. Not huge on it TBH.

 Each year, over 0 mad doctors get toppled by Top Spin. When the moment comes, will you be ready?

I - I'm giving this an Introduction label 'cause ol' site chum Osc introduces here their desire to propel outta the doldrums and slap together their own video game creation to astound and amaze! This community has witnessed the birth of more than a couple video games already, and I do believe we can wish Osc the best of mental sharpness (and dedication, hah) in the endeavor.

 Competitive Guilty Gear. F'real.

L - Woot! This LaTerry blog loads willingly. Our hardy Miku maestro spins a double weave in dipping into both DToid Book Club featurettes, savoring the silly hippo meanderings and the luckiest of pennies~ And lemme tell ya, her cheesy smile gets me every time. Cheers! I do hope the book club continues, despite initial challenges and obstacles - should leave myself a note to read the stories as well.

V - Seems I encounter a couple of these each month. Shame. Anyhow, while I appreciate the glimpse from EvilCoGames into the developing progress of the nifty rhythm bust-'em-up TERRORHYTHM, I always encourage if not stress the value to expand and expound. So it goes.

C - Same goes for Sir Charles, who pops in every now and again but almost never comments or replies to discussion...'nother shame. Well, he asks of our favorite video game, for those inclined to speak up. Mine's still Deus Ex, 18 years and counting. Phew.

 Thought Skyrim on Switch equaled a big deal? Thought otherwise? Try Skyrim in anime! Todd Howard stays forever proud.

Larx out, homeslice~

 Never let your troubles twist your stay.

Today's title track: Snowman
Producer: Halyosy
Vocaloid: Kaito

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As someone that posts often about Final Fantasy XIV, I have spent countless hours obtaining all kinds of armor, weapons and accessories from various corners of the game and only for the reason of it looking cool. In fact, once I have a job at 50, I feel obligated to give each of my jobs a fanciful glowing weapon before I press forward.

And then I give each job their own little pet sidekick, because I have decided my character is a Disney princess. Then I write macros that give them a blend of super sentai/Sailor Moon transformations because henshin a-go-go, baby!

But, if I'm honest, my one true love in regards to outfits in the game is the Invalician Samurai set, which I got from the Rabanastre raid. The design is pulled right from the Final Fantasy Tactics' art concept of the female samurai and is wonderfully realized.

But sometimes looking good comes at a price, too. I remember my favorite look for my Corsair in Final Fantasy XI required me wearing pants that reduced my movement speed by twenty percent and some of the best stat-based builds in Monster Hunter can make you look silly.

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