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Your all-time favourite game.

What is your all-time favourite game? Why was it great?
This is a really difficult question, but for me it would have to be Pokemon Red, not just because it was an epic game, but because it had a big impact on my life.
Firstly, it awakened my spirit for adventure. As I played through Pokemon Red, I found that more and more I wanted to "travel across the land", in both in my imagination and in the real world, to explore new places just as I was doing in the game. This set the stage for many of my future journeys in life, and where I am now (as you may know, I moved across the world to start a business in another country). I can certainly attribute some of this "adventurer's spirit" to my experiences with Pokemon Red, as well as my further (NUMEROUS) interactions with the series.
Secondly, I was really shy when I was young, but Pokemon Red helped me build social skills. If you want to be good at the video games or cards games, it's vital to talk with other people to exchange information and Pokemon, and to battle. And so, because of my love for the game, I was forced not only to start interacting with people to complete my Pokedex, but also to gain confidence in stressful interpersonal situations once I took the next step to get into video game battles, and later, tournaments in the card game scene.
Many games could have taken this spot based on their quality alone, but Pokemon Red will forever sit in my #1 spot for the ways it changed and inspired me.
So, how about you? What's your favourite game?!
PS: Here I am today, still invested in the Pokemon series, making videos about it, and enjoying the social interactions it encourages across places and cultures. Thank you, Pokemon! ~8]
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