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Me and My PSP Slim #1: Downloads and Demos

The first post in what will, hopefully, be periodic updates on my experience with my new PSP Slim. So far I've been very impressed with it; using the system's menu is extremely intuitive - icons are clearly labeled and moving through them is easy - just use the D-pad to scroll through them.

Having just set up a wireless network in my apartment, one of the first things I tried out was the PSP's internet browser. Getting the PSP to work with my wireless network was painless and in no time I was checking out the PSP "homepage". The PSP homepage is pretty damn nice - it has a good ammount of PSP info that is easily accessible, including game demos, industry interviews, trailers, and a bunch of other stuff.

The game demos were the real draw of the site and now that I've experienced it, this is now something I wish Nintendo's DS had (WiFi demos you can get from the web, not just from download station in stores). There are only a handful of demos, but hopefully (a lot) more will be added as time goes on as being able to try out games is a fantastic feature.

The first demo I downloaded was LocoRoco. The download only took one or two minutes (about an 8mb file) and after it downloaded and installed, I was experiencing the sugar-sweet world of LocoRoco.

I was very impressed by LocoRoco. Despite only being able to play the one demo level, I can see why people went crazy over it. The game is a super-cute platformer featuring singing blobs that has a great visual style.

Since I'm still plugging through Phantom Hourglass and Pokemon Pearl, I didn't want to start Daxter yet, but hopefully in the next week I'll get a good chance to get into it and get some good impressions on what gaming on the PSP is like.
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