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A last-person-standing formula is not new to the video game world, It's always been there like 'Double Jump' and 'Respawning' which applies if you managed to kill yourself by jumping off the cliff because you thought that'll unlock some new achievement like 'You fell for it'.I'll get to the hacking at the end of this blog.
This game drops you with 100 players onto a sprawling map and you have to fight other players to the death using whatever weapons you can find in the area.Some might say this game is the second best thing to having orgies.Not many so far but it'll catch on.
PUBG  or pubes for the people with an imaginative mind.Pubes waste no time putting you right in the middle of the orgy, I mean game as you and up to 99 other players airdrop onto one of its two 8x8 km maps from the back of a large aircraft like the opening segment to every other FPS game.
But it depends upon you to make the decision to where to land in the arena.Jumping early along the plane’s randomized flight path lets you hit the ground first then you'll get bombarded by both sides.
Or you can be a pu**sy jump late so you can be farther away from the arena to let your RPG(Grinding) side of you take control of the player.
Item distribution in this game is partially randomized, You have to learn the spots on the maps so you can be the a**hole with military-grade weapons and attachments, You can’t count on finding good weapons early in the game to keep your safe zone safe, But no matter what type of weapon you find, pubes excels (Pun fu**** Intended) at creating a reliable and well design environment for your adventure to play out while also allowing for a michael jackson's thrilling level of unpredictability to get in your way of safe playing.
Victory (accompanied by the coveted “Winner, winner, chicken dinner!” screen) is a 4th-grade reward.
Playing solo brings certain elements to the table like stealth and loneliness (cuz other were holding you back) but if you are planning to go with duo or trio it doesn't, There might be more freedom in going alone so you can let your inner sam fisher or snake out in the battlefield.
If you are well-coordinated like the team of E3 Gameplay of Assassin's Creed Unity Then your team have what it takes to pull off exciting ambushes and vehicular assaults – and much more survivable because you can revive your teammate who’s been knocked down but not finished off just like in Cuphead
It's not all gonna be fun & sunshine for everyone!In some servers, you might have to face the #3rd best hackers in the world behind Russia and North Korea.If you are one of the unlucky ones, believe me, you are, then every game is gonna be filled with Chinese hackers using whatever they can find in their download folder to screw you faster than an actress in Hollywood.
Since then the developers have apologized to their fanbase.
That's it! Remember streamers don't drop the N word in your stream!

- How high you gotta be to jump so high to make people go that guy is so high

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