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So folks, I've been around these parts for a little over a year now.  You all have been stuck with me for a whole year.  Let that sink in for a bit.........ok has it sunk in?  Anyway congratulations on surviving this early access version of Dere.  You now get the full version.

You may be thinking it's been longer than that and you're kind of right.  A few months before I joined I creeped and punned from a distance, but rest assured I was watching you all, all creepy, breathing over your shoulders, smelling your hair.  It's my thing.  But then starting in December you got the full frontal version of me when I joined. Lucky you!

So now that my first year is done here, thanks to all for making me feel welcome.  I look forward to this upcoming year of talking about games and toilets and how horrible Torch is at picking waifus.  It's going to be a hell of a ride folks.

* - Greenhornet214 gives a look at his top 10 Christmas movies. I have to say, this list is pretty spot on. The only thing it's missing is Diehard. Also, Christmas Vacation is so obviously the best Christmas movie every and that is verifiable fact. Well done Green Hornet, well done

S - Jetfandam continues his talks about fighting games, this time giving you some advice on how to pick your character. Jetfandam knows his fighters, so maybe you should listen peeps!

S - Flegma continues with his last blog in his series of looking back at old-school and retro games. It's been a fun ride Flegma. You keep being you friend

S - Boobs, sex, big boobs, sexy time...sorry, I hear fanfic and my mind wanders. Greenhornet214 gives us a look at his fanfic about the forerunners. I have to say, it's way better than Halo 4 and 5

T - Virtua Kizama gives us a list of fighting games coming up in 2018 to look forward to. I suck at fighting games, but Kazama has me even excited for what's upcoming

T - Michael Arrietta takes a look at what he thinks we're the best multiplayer experiences of 2017. If you're in to multiplayer games, check it out. Some good stuff

T - Taterchimp gives us the list of games and a quick review of the games he's finished from 2017. Taterchimp has been busy and he gives us some really nice reviews

A - Video games as art. You're darn right it can be art. Jim Kelly gives us a look at some of the art work he's done. Take a look at it

R - Bloodstained isn't afraid to be sexy. Xombiemike gives us the poll results for some costume ideas that fans voted on

Just remember, he who stands on toilet is high on pot--Dere


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