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Launching My Patreon With a Side of Ko-Fi!


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To say that last month was a clusterfudge for Patreon would be an understatement. I discussed it already in quickposts and blogs, but to summarize what happened and the final result of those happenings…

  • Around Dec. 6th, Patreon announced a new fee plan to be rolled out on Dec. 18th that did a bunch of things nobody liked, mainly screwing over micropledges.
  • Huge backlash ensued. Creators instantly lost tons of pledges.
  • Patreon responded on Dec. 13th, nixing the new fee plan entirely. Patreon publicly stated why their plans caused so much backlash and opened a form for feedback on what should be done instead to accomplish the goals they intended with their fee plan.
  • Patreon competitors like Ko-Fi and Drip gained a ton of attention and favor, while Patreon shot theirs in the foot. In a weird and ironic way, this may create more good than bad in the long run by allowing those competitors to give Patreon a strong run for its content creator supporting money? But only time will tell on that front.
  • As of this moment, Patreon’s payment plans remain exactly as they were before this whole fiasco began. There is no present announcement on what their future plans will be, other than that they will follow whatever suggestions they receive from users.

While Patreon’s apparent preference for a few big-money creators over many tip-jar creators still bothers me in the back of my mind, their apology post says a lot to me. They could have made a much more simple and vague apology, something to try to make themselves look more in the right for what they had done (even though many of us would still see through such an attempt). Instead, they went as far as to blatantly claim responsibility for the screw-up, making it harder to avoid that responsibility in the future. They acknowledged and listed the reasons why their plan was so unpopular, raising expectations for their future plans to avoid similar mistakes.

I read the apology as Patreon owning up to their mistake and being willing to change for the sake of making their users happy. Money’s a big part of why they’re willing to make that change, but the important thing is that Patreon is being transparent about this whole mess and is reacting in a way that makes it more difficult to try this unpopular plan again in the future. In light of this, I’m inclined to trust that they’ll uphold their apology’s promises. Of course, I'm only giving them the benefit of the doubt because this is the first time they've done anything like this; if it actually does happen again, expect my stance to flip against their favor. I’ll keep an eye on Patreon's competitors, as Drip and the like gaining momentum as a result of Patreon’s decision will only be a good thing for content creators. But as things presently stand, Patreon remains the most reliable option for what I most often seek in supporting content creators - gradual, continual payments with the option to implement rewards. The competitors I mentioned still don't have any such platform publicly available yet.

Which brings me to the real meat and potatoes I wanted to discuss today… remember that blog post I made late November about preparing to launch a Patreon page of my own? In light of Patreon’s backpedaling, I decided to resume those plans. Today, after overcoming some biological difficulties, my page is live!

Cedi's Patreon page.

My pledges are unchanged from what I first announced they would be, though I should elaborate a tiny bit further on them. The $1 tier is early access to text-only drafts plus a monthly post of what blog ideas I plan to pursue that month, the $3 tier is a monthly poll on near future blogs, and the $10 tier is access to scrapped blog ideas with notes on my creative processes and why I felt those ideas weren’t worth completing (and I have a public example of such a scrap doc here!). I couldn’t dare do anything as self-destructive as blocking off actual blogs behind Patreon, but I want to return the favor in some way for any payments, so I hope you like these rewards! I have a few goals set on the page as well, though given the purpose of this Patreon, I don’t see any worthwhile milestones other than a safety net of “Will add a monthly quota, and will refund Patrons for the month if I miss that quota”. I’m also considering more creative milestones, but for the time being, that’s all I’ve got for them.

Of course, some people don’t like Patreon. Some don’t trust it again after the recent stunt. Some never liked it in the first place, for reasons such as recurring payments or so on. So, in case anyone reading this is so inclined, I decided to also open up a Ko-Fi page! The main difference between Patreon and Ko-Fi is that the former is all about continual pledges with continual rewards, while the latter is just a tip jar. I can’t promise anything in return for Ko-Fi donations due to how its structure literally isn’t built for doing that, but for those who prefer it, the option is there!


Before I link to either of these pages, I’d like to reiterate one more time that I’m not in dire need of cash, nor does the future existence of my blogs depend on the success of either of these. I often forget just how lucky I really am in today’s economy. I have a loving family to lean on, I have a stable part time job, and I have no student debt. I’m not a beggar, and I’ll continue to create content for this community no matter how unsuccessful these venues are. While I am asking for money to help me grow my blogs and to justify investing more time into them, there are countless content creators more needy than I am. I’m saying this up front because I want everyone reading this to know exactly what they’re getting into before paying me a dime. If you have any questions or concerns about anything I’m doing here, please let me know and I’ll answer quickly.

I can’t possibly say this enough, but thank you all so much for making my blogging venture the most self-fulfilling thing I’ve done all of 2017! You can find my Patreon page here, and my Ko-Fi page here. I promise to keep improving and to keep writing about what I love so much about video games for you all!

Oh, and P.S.: I have been working on several normal blogs in the meantime, so expect another one of those Soon™!

- Thanks for reading, and don't implode!

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