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Cblog recaps of December 2+16+23+30, 2017 - Going to 2018


Alright I had a lot of fiber so I'm a bit backed up but I've taken some blogalax so that should help release all these backed up recaps.

Oh God, it's going to be a big one.

Hold it.

Hold it.

Hold it.

Oh God here it comes.


* - Despite speaking heresy about my beloved ABSOLVER, Riobux has amassed a good review of 2017 in gaming, and given the state of the blogs at the time of posting (is anyone even reading this?) it's not surprising to see that the trend this year is to post all the year end blogs in one. So pour a nice cup of english tea and check to see what Rio has to say about the previous year.

* - Another end of year blog brought to you by FakePlasticTree, I don't think anyone will be surprised with what is number 1 given their avatar (and bad choice in waifu if I do say so myself) but FPT does something that I love to see in end of year blogs, looking back at games that they only got to experience this year despite them releasing before 2017.

* - LucaBlight brings us their end of year thoughts but this is not your usual GOTY blog. There's something fishy here and I like it. Like the feeling of smelling your own fart and liking it. Not that this blog smells like a fart, it's just that I like it and know most people wouldn't...why re you still here just read the blog.

* - DonleyTime closes out 2017 with a look forward to what's ahead for Boss 101 and the whole team. There's also a very good message about motivation and doing what you dream of, I personally think New Years Resolutions are kinda dumb but if it's what you need to change what needs to be changed in your life so you can be successful then by all means use it as a springboard. Just get out there and do what you want and love to do.


A - Dwarvenhobble relays the tale of when a steam update was actually a malware injection, if that isn't a lesson to uninstall the games you don't play anymore then I don't know what is.

P - The good people of PSToid and the cocain fueled Mike Martin are back for another episode of PSToid with special guest LuckRequired. In this episode they discuss the Advertisement Awards, the underwhelming PSX and a general end of year wrap up. I don't know how one of their posts never fell on my recap date but I'll beat the drum and say supporting our community podcasts is the right of all Dtoiders.

A - Crosspost from sister (overlord?) website Nintendo Enthusiast by Elia Pales about how the Nintendo Switch can meet the sales expectations of the Nintendo president. While the second and third point are kinda opposites of each other I tend to lean more in the selling the console as a secondary system to the big boy gamers while making the consoles main selling point as family oriented is the path to sucess. It worked with the Wii, why not twiice?



T - TheGamingPlant looks into how implementation of loot boxes can change the perspective of core game design. It's concise and pretty objective which is nice.

D - DonleyTime's early December update featured an update, being featured on a podcast, and fun video of the titular Boss 101.

T - Come with DivisiveShinobi and we'll see, all the fighting games from the past year that they enjoyed. Even with such a packed year of releases though, Shinobi went retro with their choices.

R - Blanchimont reviews the anime based F2P MMO Closers to middling acclaim. bless his heart he keeps reviewing all these MMO's so we don't have to. He deserves a round of applause and a nice chair to rest his posterior on from playing all these long-length games.

R - Our Lord and Genesis Savious LordSpencer reviews by request the all-female wrestling game Cutie Suzuki no Ringside Angel. I like the new review system that he continues to refine. The game according to him is pretty run of the mill and judging by his words it does look to be like every other wrestler out there at the time, but its got boobs...where do boobs fit in your review scale? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

N - Divisive Shinobi starts off the new year with a new series. PlayStation 2 reviews! I tend to enjoy retro reviews if they are done right and Shinobi is on the right track, a little suggestion form me is to talk about how the mechanics have aged because going back two gens is a big jump and some of the mechanics are ancient.


L - We've found the essence of pure fanficition and it's been right under our noses all along. Sex, jokes, current event hot takes. Not since Obama protected the Chaos Emeralds have we seen pure fanfiction like this.

F - JaygerBomb brings us on a journey through all of the Nintendo TV shows of the late 1980's and early 1990's. I never knew of Mario Bros. Plumbing but it seems right up my little niche hole so thank you Jayger for bringing this to my attention.


C - TheCoolFreezer looks back on the past year for the Xbox brand and looks to the future. It's a little paltry and could have been expanded a little more. There's also grammatical errors that a quick run through Grammarly would have taken care of.

V - Very nearly my first failtoid in months but Pliny did get a talking to about just posting their videos and not interacting with the community so I don't want to pile on. Still just copy and pasting your script into the blog isn't a blog and it also screws up the editor something fierce. Oh what's the video about? Destiny 2, are there any other games that people talk about?


Alright that is it for me and for 2017, I'd like to leave you all with a brief thought. Try to stay positive for as long as you can in the new year. There's a lot of divide and anger right now and we need to come together as a species, we aren't going to solve everything but small acts of kindness go an extremely long way. So reach out to that person you have disagreements with and rationally talk through your problems, show kindness when you aren't given the same luxury, and most of all take care of yourself and do things that you enjoy. I reazlie the image that follows negates a lot of what I have to say but I do genuinely want you all to have a great 2018 and that starts from within. So enjoy tonight and wake up ready for the new day tomorrow.


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