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CBlog Recaps of 12/26/2017 - Time Limit



Gamemaniac3434, I blame thee.

I spent the first half of Christmas Eve working. I spent the latter half of Christmas Eve rapidly declining into terrible health from a vicious illness. I spent the entirety of the 25th and the 26th bedridden and thoroughly impained. Sickness can go shove off! Every cellular molecule shouts in agony. I still feel really darn lousy, even as the virus ever so modestly relents, yet this marks my final opportunity to recap in 2017 & I'll give it the ol' college try nonetheless. Afterward? Goin' back to bed, so as to Not-Die. (With any fortune, I'll only stay sick through the rest of the calendar year...with any.)

On that point, with 2017 ending, we'll've reached the time limit: no more 2017 days to play 2017 games. Seems like we could spend at *least* half of 2018 catching up on all 2017 delivered. With that in mind, of the products I played, here be five favorites that satisfied me - call it a chain of five golden rings. Also bear in mind that I played fewer than half of the "must-play" titles, to say nothing of niche beauts. Nobody will agree with this list in exactness - which relieves me. Is it a GotY list? Nope. It is a 2017 favorites list. I cannot possibly decree any video game GotY, for I am but a measly man with a weary soul. Bearing /that/ in mind last of all, let's commence.

2017 - #5: Tales of Berseria

Wot I disliked: Unimpressive NPCs flitted about. Not a huge fan of the plot's dismissal of rationale, either - feelings hardly built Rome, or even Edmonton, for that matter.

Wot I liked: Hands-down my favorite playable cast from the year. I realized after completing the game that I would miss each of the six playable anti-heroes for some time to come. That held true. Their dynamism, growth arcs, refreshing interplay, and voice acting all excelled. Combat also benefited from a focus on Artes from basic to Mystic, trimming the fat to expedite *fun* in the battles. Oh, and landsurfin' around - great add. The Theme of Katz landed cozily in a second chance, mrow.

2017 - #4: NieR: Automata

Wot I disliked: ESCORT QUESTS. Dismal desert. Also, the game's design to constrict to multiple bite-size arcs did it no favors, as I deeply felt both world-building and character development could've vastly exceeded their curtailed result in the actual product. Finally, uh, a couple of the "endings"...severely underwhelmed. Oof.

Wot I liked: Fluid, dashing action-play wrapped in a juicy sci-fi RPG = more, please. This *can* continue. Become as gods. Snappy themes (even when under-presented), esp. in the piercing audio chorals. When the plot kicked into its highest gears, it /roared/ unlike any other narrative I encountered this year - phew, chills after Part C, in particular. I enjoyed the shifting perspectives and alliances, to boot. Dare I say, Taro Yoko and Platinum harmonize most capably. With a larger scope, I'd insist: more, please.

2017 - #3: Sonic Mania

Wot I disliked: Titanic Monarch. Yuck. Too many retreads, before that. For the love of Ike, scrap Green Hill Zone by now! I would've appreciated Emerald Hill or even Scrap Brain before that place again...

Wot I liked: Goodness gracious, the precise Sonic physics from the Genesis, launched into a butter-smooth modern rendition with equal emphasis on plucky platforming and stardust speed, catapulted Mania into a well-deserved spotlight. Hear, hear! I felt oodles of classic Sonic thrills here, folks, and this comes from somebody who half the time -does- like the 3D Sonic formula. Just...mmm, man. So glad Mania enraptured me. Oh, and yowza, what a treat to unlock the trio Super forms for permanent playthrough of *all* Zones! Zoom-zoom. Super Sonic + Super Tails all day, everyday. (& Knuckles & Knuckles)

2017 - #2: Yakuza Zero

Wot I disliked: ESCORT QUESTS. Argh!! When will devs learn?? Escort quests = Not. Even. Once. Pedantically speaking, I could've gone without the unsettling depiction of a helpless blind girl, even though it does reflect moderate realism...including of the era.

Wot I liked: Darn near everything else. Kamurocho? Check. Brutal brawler? Double check. Rockin'/swingin'/groovin' tunes? Triple check. Peerless portrayal of Kiryu and Majima? Ohh, lemme check: YEP. Check it out! As with every Yakuza title, never lack for something to enjoy. From the glamorous disco and the punchy karaoke to the soothing mahjong and the ambience of billiards in Vincent, Yakuza 0 extends greetings for all patrons. In terms of thoughtful scripting and impact, this entry rises quite above most. As a complete package, it pretty much presents peak Yakuza. What a magnificent breed...like a dragon. (Shout-out to the game for instilling in me an unquenchable drive to play competitive Riichi Mahjong forevermore.)

2017 - #1: Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Future Tone

Wot I disliked: Several songs suck.

Wot I liked: Rhythm heaven, welcome Larx. Never depart from this bliss. It tells much about the purity and breadth of Future Tone's rhythm-game mechanics that I *still* play it at December's end, just as I played it in January's embryo. Nothing is wasted on sucrose. All meat, for the carnivorous, strips away fluff for a gorgeously faithful arcade opus - gameplay rules 100% supreme. The best edition of the most tightly-tuned rhythm product with the largest collection of tracks and charts and difficulties simply cannot be stopped. It turned me into a Vocaloid champion, but more surprisingly, it rebirthed my gaming drive to command & conquer. Darn right, I Got Gud. Great, actually, as in "USA Ranked" great. When I designate Future Tone as my favorite video game from 2017, I recline in my office chair, and I nod my obelisk head. It Miku-Miku'd me for reals.

Discuss how bad my picks are below!



 2017 did fail to supersede my favorite game of all time, yet give it credit for ardently trying. "What a shame."



 Take it from me: *everybody* will worship you. B')


 C'mon, reader! I promise the blog'll open *this* time! Do you not trust me...? *grin*



 Hoppy Boxing Day, Canadia/UK! (This ain't how it really rolls, yo.)


T - LaTerry jovially muses on double-dipping (not into ice cream!) when it comes to the trendy Nintendo Switch, although it appears he triple-dipped (and conceivably could quadruple or greater) in the case of Todd Howard's #1 favorite rerelease: Skyrim. And, y'know, given Terry's faithful devotion to the blogs and the recaps, I'd *overwhelmingly* love to have afforded his long blog its due. I cannot, however, as sadly, like with Jetfandam's blog from a couple weeks back, despite dozens of tries, I -cannot- manage to open the blog in any format - desktop, mobile, Chrome, Edge, even the PSN browser or Google's cache - and must go by the title and intro. I sincerely apologize, Sir Terry. I trust the blog involved rad dragons, which you relish, even more so than Vocaloids (I happen to swing the inverse, but rad dragons *can* shine, yo).


 This epitomizes how I mentally prepare for Dynasty Warriors 9. Yup.


C - Elia Pales offers up a troublingly brief snippet about their 2017 PS4 game completion status. I recognize they've blogged here for a few years - although over half of those have shared with our recent overlords, Enthusiast Gaming - but at such a curt length, I cannot in good conscience eschew urging the usual: expand and expound.

C - The bruiser-user dubd95b drops a similarly small blog 'bout the greed and malfeasance of microtransactions robbing the cradle of heartful gaming. 'Tis a fine point, albeit in need of formatting, perhaps an image or two, and a similar vocalizing to expand and expound for a long blog.


No image again. Just listen, please. Recently, I learned of the death of a former DToider, one who had participated in the Quickposts awhile back. It greatly saddened me to learn of his death, especially at such a young age (under 25). I will not release his user handle; I'll just simply request that we recognize the bounty of goodness that flows forth from here when the place shines at its best. Kindness, all. YES, that includes Torchman - 2018, no more bully.

Larx out, homeslice~


 Never let your troubles twist your stay.

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