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Microtransactions and greed.


I recently purchased Destiny 2 when it was announced in February; I went straight to gamestop and pre ordered it because I knew my friends were all getting it and we played the first one religiously.  My clan is (was now) a group of guys in their mid 30s who all know each other in real life and every one of us has young children so we have limited time to play video games.  The time I do get to play, I don't like to waste on bad games.  I never pre order things anymore but I made a concession for D2 since we played the first one and always had memorable moments and lots of fun.  I realized once I finished the campaign that I made a mistake, breaking my rule of not preordering things.  The campaign wasn't awful, the story was forgettable at best and the new public events were meh, I'd give it a 5/10 if I had to. I didn't buy it for the campaign I bought it becuase I figured it would recapture the fun me and my friends had playing the first game with the crucible and endgame content.  I'll never do it again, and again even though I'm middle aged now and should know better, I learned from a mistake.  Within 2 weeks of the game coming out 3 of us stopped playing, the rest followed soon after.  The magic of the first game was gone.  The return of the micro transactions was more prevalent and gave people actual advantages.  The PVP was dumbed down and what kind of game makes the decision not to allow you to pick which mode you're playing and giving 2 options.  Luckily I didn't order the DLC and I won't be getting it.  This is an example of how greed is ruining the industry.  By simply sticking with the formula from the first game and writing a competent story bungie could have created a franchise that people would have been loyal to for the entire 10 year plan they have.  By being short sighted and creating a dumbed down broken game they have now effectively alienated the fan base to where I don't think they can recover from it.  This has been yet another lesson for me to carefully choose what I spend my money on.  I should have known better, I should not have pre ordered this trash.  The good thing is we as consumers have a voice, and if we stop supporting these shady business practices by not purchasing the micro transaction garbage and boycotting developers that do this, it will stop.  I'll support games with actual content for my hard earned money, games that were lovingly made and have substance like Nier Automata, Nioh, the soulsborne games.  It will be a very long time until I play another franchise Aaa title for full price again.  I don't think bungie will recover from this, it's a PR nightmare now and too much of the playerbase is gone.  I sold my copy on eBay, and won't be buying it again.  Remember this; don't preorder shit just because it's a sequel to a game you love, because it might be utter trash like destiny 2.  Also stop supporting micro transactions, unless the game is free to play in the first place.  

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