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Phantom Hourglass in My Hands (On My Table!)


Picked up the latest Zelda adventure from Toys 'R Us on launch day along with the game guide (it was free with the purchase of the game). I had been eagerly anticipating this title for a long time; a new Zelda game is easily a cause for celebration! I'm only about 4 or 5 hours in so far, but from what I've played, everything is great so far. Controls are fantastic (though the roll move is still giving me problems); combat is quick and fun, and movement is extremely simple. The cell-shaded look fits perfectly on the DS (though during up-close shots the pixels really become noticeable). Nintendo really did an excellent job with the sound on this game; sound effects are great and the music is wonderful (it brings a smile to my face to hear the Zelda theme crop up every now and then).

One thing that surprised me was the quality of the dialog. Only a couple hours in and I've already laughed out loud at some of the things the characters say. The dialog feels (and sounds) natural, like it was something these people would say even if they weren't in a game.

All in all, Phantom Hourglass, in my limited experience, has been a blast. I can't wait to get further into the game!
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