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WHY Chibi-Robo went exclusive to the Evil Empire (aka Wal-Mart)

By now, I am sure most of you have read Jim Sterling's post Chibi-Robo DS exclusive to Wal-mart. Nobody gets told about it and some of you have had the pleasant experience of reading -D-'s happy-time adventureThanks for Making me go to Wal-Mart, an open letter to Nintendo. Both are great stuff but they don't give you all the information. They don't tell you WHY Chibi-Robo for the DS actually went exclusive.

MTV of all places has the scoop with a Nintendo spokesperson who had this to say concerning the exclusivity of the title:

For the new �Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol� game for Nintendo DS, Nintendo partnered with Wal-Mart because of Wal-Mart�s strong environmental program and social giving campaign. �Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol� has an environmental theme, and we wanted to make sure that it received exposure among a broad audience of consumers as we continue to get more and more people interested in the world of video games.

Wait one second...you want to make sure the game receives EXPOSURE among a BROAD AUDIENCE of consumers by LIMITING it to only one chain of store instead of multiple chains and also making it only available in SELECT stores within this one chain?


Wow, now that is special! I'd like to meet the brain-trust in that group and give them a hardy handshake for their fine work. I am so proud of them I could shed a tear. I think I will shed a tear...but for another reason that has nothing to do with that (or being emo!).

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