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In less than a year, the Switch has already beaten the Wii U


That's all it took

The title pretty well hits the premise up, but I'll go ahead and repeat myself so that we're clear as mud - in less than one year, the Nintendo Switch has crushed the Wii U. Entirely. Now I don't say this based off of sales alone, obviously the Switch still has a little ways to go (I stress little) in regards to hardware sales. This won't take long though, not with the way the little poptart tablet has been selling. Those details will work themselves out in time. 

No, the Switch has already won, because in less than a year, it has accumulated a wide variety of games, with vastly superior support regarding software. Games sell consoles, and in that regard, the Switch already has an incredibly impressive little library that is only continuing to grow. Fighting games, first person shooters, platformers, puzzle games, hit indie titles and AAA franchises to boot. 

And really, everyone is winning because of it. Look, we expected to get a Mario game and sure, we expected a Zelda game...but having games like Doom and Skyrim, certainly help to broaden the horizons for a company that has been sorely missing that kind of support for years. Now it would be one thing to make these claims knowing that these games were selling poorly and not really working out for the system...however, that doesn't seem to be the case at all. On the contrary, there's never been so much hype and support from third-party developers regarding Nintendo since...well, probably the Super Nintendo. Yeah sure, the developers win...but we win too. 

I just finished beating Doom on the Switch today, and since the wife has been wanting to get herself back into Horizon: Zero Dawn I thought to myself "you know, I need a great time eater to get lost in for my favorite little poptart" - enter Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The first Xenoblade Chronicles game had a great cult following, but getting a highly anticipated sequel for it within the first year of this new hardware's lifespan? Guys, that's just good marketing, and to Nintendo's credit, they keep the punches coming with something new and exciting every single month. Credit where credit is due - they are keeping their fans on their toes. I legitimately make as much use on my Tegra tablet than I do my PS4. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I was looking over the variety of games I have on the Switch (a mild offering compared to everything out there), but here's what I have: Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero, Cave Story +, Super Mario Odyssey, Doom, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, Snipperclips, Shovel Knight, Sonic Mania, and now Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Skyrim might not be a bad additon at some point, and obviously we need a From Software title somewhere in here (even if it's just Dark Souls), but guys...that's a pretty fair variety of games to play in less than a year. I legitimately struggled to get more then 5 games for the Wii U, 4 years into it's lifespan. Now the Wii U had all the potential in the world, and could have done so much more for itself...but to the Big N's credit, they are doing the Switch justice, and it's only getting better. 

So what do you think about the Switch? Or, if you were an avid Wii U fan, how do you feel about the Switch's success so far? Share your thoughts on the games, Nintendos strategy, or even your favorite place to play using the Switch (come on, you can do better than the toilet). 

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