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Cblog Recaps for 11/29/17 and 12/6/17 + Stressing the Season


Your friendly neighborhood Dere is back this week after last week's hiatus, due to technical difficulties with the Cblogs.  I'll always remember where I was when the Cblogs went out.  On my toilet, trying to read a Cblog, and then realizing they weren't working...and not knowing where to go from there.

Anyway, tis the season to be jolly folks.  It is the holiday season.  While I love the holidays, they are filled with tons of stressors.  Work has been crazy, tons of Christmas programs and people fighting over the Christmas decorations.  Because that's what Christmas is all about, getting so pissed off at someone because they put up the wrong color garland.  The nerve of putting gold garland up when that other random person wanted red garland.  You monster!

Also, I've noticed that picking the ideal Christmas tree isn't just a go out and pick one type of deal.  Oh no, there is measuring that needs done, pictures to be taken and compared, and waffling back and forth between two identical Christmas trees.  It's how our forefathers wanted it.  Not to mention being told that I put some random Christmas ornament that says "Thanks Bee to God" and is in the shape of a bee pleasuring himself on the wrong branch.  Who knew the masturbating been needed a place of prominence on the tree?  You live and learn people.

This year I also found out that I have developed a pine allergy.  Yep, a pine allergy.  I am an alpha male that is allergic to grass, pollen, and now pine.  While putting up the Christmas tree I broke out into a rash, because hey why not.  I'm the manly man that can be killed by looking at a plant.  Where's my inhaler?

Oh and I have been tasked with writing the company Christmas cards.  To all our providers which is like over 100 strong this year.  I have writers cramps on top of my writers cramps.  Children from around the village come to marvel at my deformed hands.  I'm not a monster!

So it's been a stressful start to the Christmas season, but all in all I love it.  I get to spend wonderful time with the wife and I'll get some time off to finally beat Persona 5.  So as stressful as it is, I love the season regardless.

* - Come on Destructoid Community. Let's get out there and vote for the community excellence awards! Some great categories and we want everyone who can to participate. Thanks to Celica for organizing and getting this thing rolling

S - ALinkToTheDan continues his Tone Deaf series looking at music and gaming. For this week he takes a listen at Halo: Combat Evolved and the wonderful music involved with the that game. Still some of my favorite music for an FPS of all time

S - TheMangoViking continues their Just Another Castle podcast and takes a look at the announcement of Mega Man 11

C - Agent9 wants to know what your favorite gaming memories are. I'm sure we all have some that stick in our minds. Drop by and participate in this community blog and you'll also be entered to win a nice Amazon gift card

C - Rivalries are everywhere. Coke vs. Pepsi, The Rock vs. Stone Cold, or the timeless sandwich vs. not sandwich. Sonic429 takes a look at some of the different rivalries in gaming, from both the hardware and software side of things.

P - I have fallen in love with the Yakuza Series this year. It's wonderful. FakePlasticTree takes a look at the demo for the upcoming Kiwami 2 and gives us some of what to look forward to. Both the good and bad. If you're a Yakuza fan, check it out. I myself am even more hyped now.

T - Iam16bit gives us a retrospective on Panzer Dragoon. Back in the day I loved this game. If you're a fan or even if you don't know much about it, I'd recommend checking this out as Iam16bit gives us some awesome information!

T - Yakuza has become one of my favorite series and I was disappointed there won't be any news at PSX for it. FakePlasticTree though has decided to look at what could be a fun merge. Yakuza and Gintama

F - What do you do after a long day of working Black Friday? I consume copious amounts of alcohol. Strider binged some of the season's best anime. Luckily he lived through Black Friday and was able to talk about it

Just remember, he who stands on toilet, is high on pot--Dere


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