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My thoughts on Microsoft and the future of the Xbox.


The new Xbox one X is an extremely incredible piece of tech. It runs 4K games like it’s nothing, and is the optimal console for graphics. But honestly, that’s about it.

Microsoft has had one of its weakest years ever. There have been so few exclusives, and only one or two ones I would consider fun. They are focusing on the graphic capabilities of their consoles so much that that are losing what makes gaming the beautiful thing it is. Passion.

As an owner of a switch, Xbox, and ps4, I have to say I haven’t played my Xbox for more than 10 hours total this year, and that was just cuphead. It’s not because I like the other systems more, it’s because Microsoft doesn’t understand what we want in games. Super luckys tale is the newest game added to their lineup of exclusives, a collectathon platformer in the Vein of hat in time or Odyssey. It is the worst. It is unimaginative and not FUN. That’s why the Xbox is being left behind. There is no passion in what they create. Titles such as Last of us, Breath of the Wild, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 all have flaws, but they are simply a joy to play, all without any needless micro transaction or senseless early access. 

To conclude, I hope Microsoft can realize the potential of their hardware, and create something beautiful. Have a wonderful day readers.

- Cool your jets haters

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